Fire in Ecuador destroyed 180 hectares of tropical forests

A forest fire in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, in the south-east of Ecuador, lasted two days and brought significant damage to nature, devastating 180 hectares of jungle.

Yesterday, firefighters managed to maintain control over the hearth fire and prevent it to spread further, but in the vast area of primary Amazonian forest left the ashes. It is not known who was responsible for this disaster.

The fire started on Saturday afternoon, October 22, in the National Park near the village Rodokarpus Sabanilya center, 38 km from the canton of Zamora, the provincial capital, where the research station in San Francisco. In extinguishing the fire rescue workers took part of the provinces of Zamora Chinchipe and Loja. This forest fire, because of its scope, has led to declare an emergency in the affected area on Saturday night to extinguish the fire were attracted by the military.

Dante's fire in the nature reserve has destroyed almost the entire flora and fauna. About 200 men and women — rescuers, police, military, the municipality of Zamora, fire — tried to block the path of the flame.

According to the preliminary investigation, the fire started near the highway Loja-Zamora, so that the cause of fire could become a regular cigarette butt. The disaster has caused problems in the work of German scientists who are at the station in San Francisco and engaged in research in Ecuador, in coordination with experts from the Technical University of Loja private, for 14 years. Currently, scientists are conducting an inventory to establish the amount of the losses, especially among the studied flora and fauna.

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