Firing guns: to be able or not able to do?

The problem of ownership of firearms in many years has been, well, at the moment is very sharp. And there is nothing surprising. At the current time, the population in the Russian Federation has the hands of more than 7 million barrels of firearms. But the problem is that it is very unimportant part of the owners really know how to handle it. And when there is a force majeure situation, most of the owners can not use their right tool. But even if he manages to open fire in self-defense against the enemy, the shooting This is inefficient, and instead of stopping the impact it leads to even greater anger. Do not forget that the incorrect implementation of firearms may be a prerequisite not only injury, and death, and the owner is subject to criminal liability.

Because it makes sense to talk to and where you can learn the proper appeal with firearms.

Learning to shoot — it's even more important than owning the instrument. Therefore, one should seek help from a spice that will teach the main capabilities used in the shooting, shoot and train excellent tool to use in self defense.

At the current time there is a significant number of schools and courses, where seasoned experts at posodeystvuyut learn to feel the gun. With all of this in their classes can continue as one day or several months. Let us consider in more detail in each of these rates.

For example, courses that offer long training, usually have two types of periodic training — for both beginners and advanced shooters.

First species is characterized by small groups of 3-5 people, lasts about 2 months, and classes are held twice a week for a couple of hours. During this course, everyone will be able to get knowledge about what types of guns firing and there, learn to correct the appeal to it, become familiar with the safety rules when shooting also will be able to get some ability for practical shooting. Closing of the course — of mandatory exam.

During the course of the second group is composed of 3 persons, classes and continue for two months. In this step, students continue to get acquainted with various techniques of shooting and developing the ability of possession of firearms. At the end — also surrenders of mandatory exam.

If the time for such a very long course is not enough, you can visit one day course-Subject, which gives the opportunity to learn to perfect, as far as this can be said to deal with a weapon and get major knowledge on its effective use. In the program of the course covers such items as the legal base for using firearms, safety in its application, the rules of maintenance and care, to form the basic skills of shooting. In this step, say experts at how to correctly hold the gun, how to prepare to fire as fast to grab the gun, also uchyat high-speed shooting. In addition, also included in the program from such causes as mental bases of behavior in the event of armed danger and equipment selection and blocking tools.

Duration of the course is only 6 hours. And its price is not very high — in the range of 3-6 thousand rubles.

In order to listen to such a course, you need a passport for himself when, firearm permit, specifically the gun itself and be dressed in comfortable clothes. With all of this course can visit not only the men and the ladies.

For those who have successfully completed a course of training shooting, may be offered an "advanced course", in which more attention is not paid to the theory and practical use of guns.

It should say a few words about the method and shooting training, developed by professionals of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs and special units of the armed forces of the country.

All utilities that are designed on the basis of these methods correspond to the Russian legislation, also take into account the technical capabilities of civilian, official and military instruments and level of preparation. The courses of fire, usually consist of 3 steps: basic, advanced and specialized courses. On the ground, the base, the base step taught shooting, initial, basic knowledge. In addition, this step is carried out training of shooting from different positions on a static and movable target. 2nd step — Advanced — increased attention to strategy, in other words, are trained, in what situations and how to apply tool. In addition, at the same step, the course intuitive shooting.

And finally third step — A course of specialization — is carried out independently of the learning objectives, and based on the specificity of the tasks to be performed.

Of course, having a firearm, you need to be able to use it correctly. But very hunt hope that someday there will come a time when the need for it will disappear when the streets of the cities will not be terribly appear in black time of day when the legal system will be able to protect its own people from violence.

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