May 14 to RIA Novosti English in their own sector, tried to answer the 5 questions that are on the subject of possible deliveries of S-300 Syria.
The agency says that reliable information on the topic «desperately scarce.»
— Was there a real contract to supply S-300 Syria? Where are these rumors?
— Yes, it’s a rumor. The only noteworthy information was Annual Report producer SAM machine factory in Nizhny Novgorod, in what was said about the contract to supply Syria these complexes, but then this information is missing from the site of the plant. But this message was cited pochetaemoy «Vedomosti» newspaper, which said the contract was worth 105 million U.S. dollars and an undetermined number of SAM was scheduled for delivery in the period between 2012 and the beginning of 2013.
All other media reports based on leaks from unnamed disk imaging intelligence and diplomatic sources. It is not so long ago, Russian newspaper «Kommersant» and South American edition of The Wall Street Journal said that the agreement included four sets and 144 missiles total cost 900 million dollars, with a probable delivery by the end of summer (according to professionals, one set is worth about $ 115 million usd plus any missile is estimated at about one million dollars).
Damascus never commented on the deal on S-300, «Rosoboronexport» too. Foreign Minister more than once declared that Moscow will alternately make available contracts on supplying anti-aircraft systems to Syria, but did not call directly the C-300. Maybe such a contract did not exist, but some of the media in December last year, claimed that «a number of complexes» was put Syria over the past 2 years.
— Who takes the final decision on such contracts? Can the international community or a third party to act on their implementation?
— All in the hands of President Vladimir Putin. International treaties forbid the export of strategic systems and cluster bombs, but not air-defense systems. All samples ban implementation implements the Syrian government through the UN Security Council have been blocked Russia. Naturally, there are trades and backstage and hand-wringing, but it is not the subject of an official of information.
— Why so insecure C-300? As you know, these complexes were in production with the band in 1978, they are up to date to the true time?
— S-300 has been upgraded a couple of times. S-300PMU2 «Favorit» capable of firing directly drive 6 anti-aircraft missiles capable of killing targets such as F-16s and F-22 can intercept ballistic missiles. Can be used as missiles to destroy ground targets, but this is no easy task.
— What purpose is there for the C-300 in Syria?
— Certainly not for the introduction of anti-Syrian rebels because they are not airplanes. On a technical level, you can reprogram the missile complex to destroy ground targets, but it would be akin Hammering nails tablet computers, taking into account that one rocket is from 700 thousand to $ 1.2 million Yet, any samples of foreign countries do bespoletnruyu zone over Syria, as it was made in 2011 over Libya to lead to «tens of destroyed aircraft and coffins covered by the Stars and Stripes, which is unacceptable (for the U.S.),» says the editor of the magazine Capital «National Defense» Igor Korotchenko.
— Can I call the likely timing of deliveries of S-300? How much time will you need to Assad, while his troops will master this complex to defeat foreign combat aircraft?
— The S-300 is deployed in the firing position for 5 minutes. But for this it is necessary to obtain the complexes and teach staff. Perhaps the Syrian government has enough money to pay your contract, delivery complexes from St. Petersburg to the Syrian port of Tartus will take about 2-weeks. Provided, however, that the goods will not be arrested in Finland or vessel will not be denied entry into the European ports, which pulls the cancellation insurance and the inability of the upcoming movement.
Edition of The Wall Street Journal citing South American sources, which in turn link to Israeli sources, said the C-300 can come to Syria in August. Based in London, an Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that the S-300 are already in Syria, but as before under the control of Russia. But, According to experts, it is unlikely the ship from the C-300 was sent to Syria. Agreement with Iran on S-300 was repealed in 2010, finished complexes were contracted by Algeria and other clients, says the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies Capital and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov. In addition, you need about a year to produce and test new systems, plus teach staff to manage these SAMs, which will take about 6 more months. All of these reasons can badly affect the most optimistic terms S-300. If all the same systems will be delivered in a given time, to combat duty, they can proceed in the best case, by November 2013, a more realistic estimate is spring 2014.


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