Flower rally in Minsk

The authorities in Minsk is not allowed to lay flowers at the monument to Yanka Kupala. Two young men who came from the white-red-white flags, were detained.

Almost five o'clock in the evening the entrances to the Yanka Kupala were blocked by police in uniform and plainclothes. The people in the square were not allowed. The police explained that there discovered an unknown object with a wire and now there is a check. Here is what Olga King andAnna Siuchyk, who also came to lay flowers:

"I came in 17 hours. A policeman came up. Says — "Go away," and all. They drove him out, did not give a step to step. Broke, throw flowers in the basket. "

"Our flowers, unfortunately, died. We were not able to put them to the monument. After all, when you try to go to the park we were detained men in civilian clothes who did not want to introduce myself. And when we asked them to send flowers arrested Yanka Kupala, they took the flowers and threw them to the ground. I tried to collect the flowers, but we were caught and roughly pushed away from this place. "

Citizens and not allowed into the park, and they began to lay flowers at the entrance to the klyumbu there. Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich and former presidential candidate of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski also laid flowers at klyumbu. Yanukevich commented on the actions of the authorities:

A lot of ground in this government — neither right nor legitimate.

"This is a complete idiocy, the authorities do not pay attention to the law. Would say — do not want you went there, and all. And invent some bombs. That is, on the one hand, the power is so strong and such terms are all issues, but on the other hand — put police officers who have to say that there is a bomb. This shows that there is no soil in this government — neither right nor legitimate. "

Vitaly Rymashevski added: "The three months ended bullying only in that they are bullied themselves. Here today we see that happening. This shows that the total fear reigns above all the power. "

Anastasia Palazhanka and Tatiana Shaputska laid bouquets of roses and portraits of the inmates of the Young Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau. The police removed a few minutes later portraits, but colors are not touched. Anastasia Palazhanka said:

"Today is Freedom Day is quite sad. After all, today we are reminded of their imprisoned friends who remain behind bars, Just yesterday, two leaders of the Young Front were possible. This government does not want people to remember and celebrate the Day of Freedom. "

Some citizens with bouquets approached by people in civilian clothes, and strongly advised to leave. Artist Alexei Marochkin also failed to lay flowers:

"If we do not let our national genius, the monument to Yanka Kupala, then where is survived our government? This is just insanity, and there's nowhere. "

If we do not let our national genius, the monument to Yanka Kupala, then where is survived our government?

Two young men who came to the square with a white-red-white flags, the police immediately arrested and hauled off to a police bus that was in the park. When young people began chanting "Long live Belarus!" They ran and told police two minutes to release the sidewalk, threatening arrests. Like, slogans such as pulling in an unauthorized rally. Then all the protesters, and there were a few dozen, ousted from the sidewalk to the side October Square.

Summarizing the results of the action, the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Igor Lyalkov said the action was not a holiday, it is more appropriate that state, which now houses the country:

"People came out lower than expected. But this is the result of intimidation of society, which lasts from December 19. But people still come out, have shown that they care about what is happening in the country. Actions of the authorities is inadequate. Absolutely some fictional bomb. Contrived reason to keep people lay flowers at the monument to Yanka Kupala. For Belarus, it is absolutely normal. And it shows once again antybelaruskasts these authorities that we are living with them in a completely different coordinate systems. But the truth is — for us. "

To lay flowers at the monument to Yanka Kupala decided to members of the organizing committee for the celebration of the Day of Freedom of the BPF, BCD, solidarity movement "Together" and the campaign "Tell the Truth."


Freedom Day

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