Flowers — semi Bodunova

Gomel social activists on March 25 laid flowers in Novobelitsky area to the place where the house of Homel teacher, minister of the Belarusian People's Republic Polutov Bodunova.
About the event chairman of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov said:
"It has become a tradition with us, because if we talk about the BNR in Gomel, you should first remember Polutov Badunovu — National Secretary of guardianship in the leadership of the Belarusian People's Republic. And every year we come to the place where she lived Paluta Bodunova, our famous compatriot. "

Natalia Shchukin, a member of the UCP

At the site of the family home Bodunova — small lawn and sidewalk paved with tiles. Next — a high-rise building. No mention of the house Polutov Bodunova not.
"The authorities do not want to do anything of this, that somehow reminds BNR, its symbols — the emblem of" Pursuit ", a white-red-white flag. Certainly Paluta Bodunova — this is referred to the characters, it is the opposition. Association in the current government and related opposition ", — said Vasily.
Gomel social activists are four years ago took the initiative to rename the current streets of Georgi Dimitrov in honor of the figure BNR Paluty Bodunova. However, the City Council rejected the proposal on the grounds that the street was named "one of the most famous leaders of the international communist movement, the anti-fascist, and renaming of the street will cause a significant negative reaction of the inhabitants of the city, especially the older generation."
One woman, who lives in a nondescript Soviet-style house, got to swear on social activists:
"You have permission to eat? Why do I look out the window at your funeral basket of flowers What then — the monument stands, if the monument was, well, okay then."

Unhappy woman

For a small incident from a parked across the street watched legkovushki so-called "Tsihushniki" — unidentified men in civilian clothes.
Journalists asked the angry woman, "Are you — do not like flowers?" That softened glad that gets in the media, and even said that in the neighboring tower block any relative living Polutov Bodunova.
Indifferent to national stories Gomel City Executive Committee proposed to set at least a plaque in honor of outstanding compatriot, but the authorities and it is not gone — referred to the fact that the house was not preserved.
One of the oldest social activists Vladimir Shitikov wonders:
"To Paluta Bodunova mozolit? On the contrary, would be offered to citizens: collect funds — and put the monument We only approve the project — and all. Guess that have to wait long, and Paluta Bodunova take in the place of honor."

Vladimir Shitikov

After laying flowers at the office of the regional organization of the UCP on the street Polesskaya organized a party dedicated to the 93rd anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic.

Gala night

Activists remember the history of BPR, its prominent figures. Were also Gomel Belarusian-bards — Olga Tereshchenko and Andrei Melnikov.

Sings Valzhina Tereshchenko

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