Flying over Ireland whether meteorite, or UFOs. Video

Irish people have seen flying unusually bright bolide — "shooting star." A number of professional astronomers with specialized automatic cameras recorded the flight and fall of an unusual object.

Amateur astronomers believe that it could be a sign of waste into the atmosphere stage rocket. However, they are baffled by an unusual line of flight of car — from east to west, while the artificial space objects flying in the same direction with the direction of rotation of the earth from west to east.

"I saw seven objects — the brightest, flying in front, was comparable in brightness to the ISS, the other, less bright, flew after him, they had a glow yellow-orange hue," — wrote an amateur astronomer Leo Enright in a specialized astronomical newsletter. According to him, what he saw, it looked like a typical fall stage of the rocket. "However, the" train "of these objects moving from east to west," — said Enright. The scientist has witnessed an unusual sight in the vicinity of Dublin, RIA Novosti reported.

Almost at the same time, residents of the Netherlands Ramon van der Hilst, who lives north of Eindhoven, watched "bright green object flying almost horizontally from east to west." Astronomers say that, in the system of satellite tracking of U.S. Strategic Command, as well as other sources of information there about the possible entry into the atmosphere of any space objects.

As noted by amateur astronomer Tony Beresford, movement from east to west means that the object must have a retrograde orbit with an inclination of 126 degrees. Such satellites are very few and they are few and far between.

Dublin resident David Jordan said he saw something. "I was driving down the brightly lit street in the southern part of Dublin, moving around to the north. I saw what he at first took to be fireworks. Looking closer, I saw the main car, followed by a flying car three or four smaller ones. They moved more slowly than the typical meteor fireball. Paspadalis into fragments and left dozens sky smoke trail, moving from east to west, "- said Jordan.

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