For a protest against the closure of the prison hospital arrested

National Bolsheviks, who were trying to hold a flash mob against the closure of the Republican somatic hospital department of the Interior Ministry of Corrections, fined and sentenced to various terms of administrative arrest.

As BelaPAN spokesman for the National Bolsheviks Dmitry Bruise, One of the leaders of the organizing committee of the NBP Eugene Kontush sentenced to 12 days, Igor Sydorovych — 10 days Eugene Omelko — for seven days. Alexei Shkundich and bruise himself fined 15 basic units each (from 525 thousand). Two other minors were released. The cases took place in the Leninsky district court of Minsk under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organizing and holding mass events or picketing).

April 1, law enforcement officers stopped the attempts of activists of the National Bolshevik movement to take place in Minsk flash mob against the closure of the hospital. The participants intend to transfer to DIN appropriate treatment. However, they carried with them a small cardboard coffin — she had to symbolize what can happen to the prisoners, deprived of medical care. On the approach to the building of DIN protesters were detained by law enforcement officers in civilian clothes who did not introduce themselves. They also tried to impede the work of photographer BelaPAN Olga Kleschuk, citing the fact that the building is DIN sensitive sites.

"The new hospital, which, according to the decree of the head of state planned to build the closure of the old one, still not built and, judging from the pace of construction is unlikely to take part in this year's first patients," — said BelaPAN bruise before the action.

According to him, the measures taken to reduce the number of persons admitted for treatment at the hospital, along with measures to reduce the number of offices and medical staff have already led to an increase in mortality in several correctional facilities.

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