Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car «Bulat» SBA-60-K2

Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car
JSC Company «Protection», which is one of the greatest Russian producers and special armored ton, graduated from the development and testing of new own armored vehicle «Bulat SBA-60-K2», made on the basis of units of KAMAZ 6×6.
«Bulat» developed by the company on the basis of Russian army units KAMAZ vehicles and financed from various sources in 2011.
It looks like a ton truck with 2 side-hinged doors (driver and commander) in the front of the armored hull, aft — two swing doors and roof — 6 hatches.
Body SBA «Bulat» designed with the introduction of improved armor, which provides protection against 7.62mm bullets was heat-treated core. The design «Bulat» comes welded metal bearing housing which protects the crew from small arms fire from the guns, also of shell fragments, although the greatest degree of protection depends on the requirements of the user.
The bottom surface of the housing body v-shape, which ensures the highest degree of protection from the damaging causes of the explosion explosive charge. SBA-60-K2 «Bulat» protects transported personnel at blasting explosive charge just till 2 kg of TNT.
Of course, that our homeland is not currently uses levels of ballistic protection of NATO STANAG 4569 (NATO Standardization Agreement STANAG 4569 serial number), its scale using its protection GOST 50963-96 6.
In accordance with this:
Level 1 and 2 protects against fire small guns
level 2a guns
Levels 3 and 4, 5.45 rifle AK-74
Level 5-6a covers mnogokalibernoe instrument, including 7.62 mm armor-piercing projectiles
Levels 6 and 6a SVD under 7.62 mm cartridge
Ordinary coil spring front suspension used in an armored car, and the back part is set to 2-semi springs with reactive corrector plates.
In the current time are two diesel engine with turbo V8: EURO 3 compliant diesel with 240 hp (165 kW), while the second is more massive EURO 4 compliant diesel engine with 280 hp (206 kW). They are both associated with the manual transmission and transfer case.
Specialists of «protection» they say that you can set the engine 400 horsepower and change the manual transmission on full automatic transmission.
Currently, the company says about the stated maximum speed of 90 km / chs 420-liter fuel tank with supplies running at about 800 km. Place for the commander and driver are provided with doors opening forward, also in the car has a fifth door that can open both together, and without rear window.
At the current time, these doors are opened manually, but you can be equipped hydraulic actuator. One of the characteristics of the security for the transport vehicle is the placement and dimensions of doors that can accelerate the landing troops.
Inside the armored car and resettled antioskolochnoy antirikoshetnoy protection. In swatch demonstrated at RAE-2013 in Nizhny Tagil (International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition) was increased throughput, maneuverability and stability, and also bulletproof mine protection.

Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car
Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car


The left and right sides are placed with integrated multilayer bulletproof loopholes.
In the roof of the shell are emergency ventilation hatches, their foreseen 6, but their number can be reduced.
Gross vehicle weight is dependent on the protection level set, but today varies between 15, 9 and 19, 5 tons, while the weight of the vehicle is equipped with between 12.8 and 15. 5 tons.
Standard equipment includes air-conditioner in itself, the engine fire extinguishing systems, special stand for rifles and other personal weapon.

Foreign media: Russia has completed the development of a special armored car


There are a number of other features are available, including satellite navigation systems in the area, cameras for 360-degree situational awareness and additional heating.

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