Fort Boyard (a lot of gear) watch online

Fort Boyard (a lot of gear) watch online
In the new season was aired on the mega-popular with viewers of "Fort Boyard". The spirit of adventure and breathes on each issue. 6 Russian teams perceive the role of the game. From La Rochelle, they will be transferred to the fortress, lost somewhere in the middle of aqua seats.
Specifically, there awaits them old, wise Fura, which is to try Teammate on intelligence and agility. From how lucky and agile will either Teammate, directly depends on the end result — how much gold they will earn in the game.
Players of the game in the middle you will see many recognizable people of show business, film and television. Players do not know what specific tests they have prepared — details of each job they figure only in the game, and then also determine exactly who the team will be able to cope in the best way with the task.

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