French SWR Hecate II

French SWR Hecate II
In the previous article was told about the French sniper rifle Ultima Ratio of PMG, through which weapons company of malehankih office was a worthy rival titans of world market instruments. Correct sending money acquired from municipal order for this rifle, the company managed to increase their creation and take up another project back as intended, first, to please the needs of the army and police. It is about mnogokalibernoy sniper rifle Hecate II, which was performed on the basis of the same Ultima Ratio, so you could say that this is another version of the «last argument», only now much more significant reason.

Since propagation mnogokalibernyh army sniper rifles many states felt like defect guns. Someone decided to start upgrading its outdated anti-tank rifles, increasing their accuracy. Someone decided to purchase a similar instrument in other countries or else purchase a license for the establishment. And someone made new standards with the use of all modern developments in firearms. This is not to say that one decision was wrong, and the other spotless. So, for example, create their own guns always seems a plus, but in the case of mnogokalibernymi rifles, which is necessary not so much for the army and the police even more so, a small country is much cheaper to buy a gun from foreign firms, if spend money on their development and creation. In general, all depends on how one or the other in the country and the development of arms matter how great the need for such weapons. France is quite a small country, in addition, this country is not the last voice on our planet, so purchasing a weapon abroad well, not impressive, I guess. Given the rather fruitful work on creation of PGM rifles chambered for the 7.62 x 51 and this particular company was entrusted to create mnogokalibernuyu rifle.

Problem was fairly common, and because the gun itself is not complicated and the usual, and the main properties of the main form of production quality. Because «bolt» chambered 7.62 x51 already existed and satisfy all the requirements applied to him, then specifically on the basis of this tool, and it was decided to mnogokalibernuyu sniper rifle chambered for the .50 BMG. In other words, just increment some weapons sites, leaving the basic essence constant. However, I had to tinker with the muzzle brake the recoil compensator to reduce recoil when firing with the least negative impact on the accuracy of the gun.

French SWR Hecate II
So Makar, mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle Hecate II is the standard tools built around the sliding bolt, locking bore at turn 3 stops. Given what has been changed ammo guns, had to abandon the widespread introduction of light alloys that increment weight rifle to 13.8 pounds, has a long way here, and heavy barrel of the weapon. Fixing trunk had also changed, giving up four bolts passing through the receiver box and outside the cut-chambered. In front of the receiver appeared ledge on which is fixed a handle guns. Curse on this pen very much because it is set far off-center weight guns, as well as an instrument is practically impossible to carry this handle, if equipped with an optical sight, because in their own elevated position between the optics and the handle is no room for two fingers that completely comfortable carrying almost 14 kilograms of weight, and of the risk of ruin riflescope great. In addition, far not every riflescope highest multiplicity will allow to raise the carrying handle in general, although with the standard optical sight SCROME LTE J10 F1 10x handle a hundred percent rises, only to take up her problem. Open sights rifle has not, and it is a pity.

Great distances rifle shipped in hard case unassembled. Gun butt to transport detached goes gate folded bipod, telescopic sight remains in place, which is a plus. Sam has the ability to adjust the butt of his own height and length of the palm cheeks. The back side of the butt has foam rubber recoil pad that softens knock of the weapon except him for the same tasks, there is quite a large muzzle brake compensator recoil. Powered gun shops from detachable capacity 7 rounds. Length is 1380 mm gun butt, same trunk with all this has a length of 700 mm. Ago as a manufacturer of «poskromnichal» and have an effective range of implementation tools in the 1500 meters, when similar in design and quality standards can boast larger numbers. In fact, the most terrible weapon does VSWR and high quality ammunition can show amazing results.

This mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle perfectly proved themselves on the battlefield. After adopting the French army, it gets its place in the armies of Estonia, Indonesia, Slovenia and even Switzerland, which has its own standards of good SWR that states the highest quality tools and its effectiveness. Shortcomings of this instrument would be first referred to the absence of open sights, because the failure of an optical sight will make use of the upcoming gun unfeasible. This may also include a carrying handle and, although some reports on it all the same change, but there is no evidence of this. Greater weight rifle is even faster in this case, plus rather than a minus, because the large mass of guns significantly reduces the sharpness of the recoil when firing, and hence increases the accuracy and comfort firing. Doubts also causes mount butt to arms, so it is very fragile in appearance, but judging by the fact that the negative reviews on this site does not, then it means one hundred percent withstand all loads that occur during shooting.

Summarizing all the above, it should be noted that the company seriously PGM grew by only these 2-swatches rifle, which allowed to move further advance since a positive result and make a new instrument, but about it in a later article.
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