From the forest. Cloudberry and boletus

From the forest.  Cloudberry and boletus

Cloudberry and boletus mushroom belong to the gifts of the forest, which mankind has long been used in their life. As he and the other species grows in forests, but located in different climatic zones and territorial.
Cloudberry assigned to class dioecious herbaceous plants. In its structure is creeping woody rhizome, stem with two leaves, speaking quire — twenty-five centimeters and one flower.
The leaves have a round shape and wrinkled appearance. Flowers are formed solitary, white. In composition, they come in and the pistil and tychinkovymi. Bloom mostly early in the morning when there are more frosty nights. In place of the flower bud is formed, which eventually turns into a yellow, juicy, fragrant berry called cloudberries.
Growing herb with tasty and healthy berries in the Nordic regions of Finland and Russia. But most of it is found in the districts of Lapland and Kainuu. Fruiting yellow creature of nature mainly on the outskirts of the swamp and forest roads that cross it.
Ready to harvest clean start in late July or early August. On the quantity may affect the beetles that love to eat the leaves have not yet fully matured grapes. Fresh berries are used for food, in whole, for that they are frozen for long term storage. Just prepare from her jam, juice, juice, pudding. The content of vitamins and minerals cloudberry is twice all your favorite oranges. It is much more vitamin A and C.
Unlike berries cloudberries, widespread throughout Russia got fungus brown cap boletus, No hiding in the grass. He is most closely related to the white mushroom. And it can be found almost anywhere there is birch and in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and the Arctic. Go to the sparse birch forest road or the edge of a forest, or go down in the ravine forest belt along the road. There certainly you became acquainted with him. Locals call it all different ways. Who are black or gray fungus, who obabkom. In Russia you can find twelve varieties of this fungus.
Boletus is one of the most delicious mushrooms. From it you can prepare a meal in a fried, boiled, pickled and dried forms.
Is growing rapidly. A week after his arrival cap is loose and absorb water, and leg hardens and becomes fibrous. Mushroom growing family in different soils. Type them in the basket can be in the end of May and September. Love moisture. Therefore, a large harvest happens when summer was warm and moist.

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