Frost in the Novosibirsk region hit record five consecutive days

 Forecasters in the Novosibirsk region for five consecutive days record a record low in the cold at night, the temperature is kept at 30 degrees below zero at night falls below the minus 40, told RIA Novosti chief forecaster Novosibirsk meteorologist Anna Lapchik.

Abnormal cold blanketed the region on December 10. At the same time, from 13 to 17 December marked the cold temperature records.

In particular, 16 of December, one of the weather stations in the area recorded that the temperature dropped to 44 degrees. It's 9 degrees below the previous record set Dec. 16, 1997.

Senior weather forecaster said that the air temperature in the area is kept below normal average of 20 degrees.

"The coldest day is December 13, when the average temperature across the region was below normal 23-28 degrees," — said Lapchik.

Forecasters predict that this cold will remain in the region until December 20. "In the future we expect less frost. At 5-7 degrees temperature increase," — said the interviewee.

She added that the coldest December in more than a hundred years occurred in Novosibirsk in 1966.

Zamglavnogo doctor in the city ambulance station Tamara Savicheva previously reported that the ambulance for the week of abnormal cold weather helped 107 residents of Novosibirsk. Most people treat frostbite hands, fingers and feet. According to the regional GUMVD in Novosibirsk died of hypothermia, a woman who looked homeless.

The most notorious incident related to the frost, PE has two elephants, which was carrying the Polish circus touring in Russia. On the federal highway "Baikal" in Novosibirsk December 13 caught fire truck, which drove the animals. Smoke time noticed and stopped the car. To save the elephants, they have been kicked out of a burning van on the 40-degree cold. While the fire was extinguished, the trainer ran with heat-loving animals, so they do not freeze. Elephants frostbitten tips of the ears and the rest were not injured. Then they unsolder vodka.

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