Gaddafis supporters rebelled

Gaddafi's supporters rebelledArmed clashes between supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and troops of the Transitional Council of State (PNS) grasping new areas Libyan capital.

Battles of Abu Slim spread to the suburbs of Tripoli — Tadzhura Dzhanzhur and also to areas Zvara and Salah al-Din.

According to the testimony of witnesses, violent clashes are nearby and Az-Zawiyah, located on the Mediterranean coast, 50 kilometers west of the capital. In Abu Sliema, according to some reports, a NATO helicopter was shot down.

This Friday is declared deposed Libyan favorite beginning of the "uprising on October 14." Earlier, referring to the Libyans, Gaddafi urged them to free the country. In response to this appeal, hundreds of his supporters took to the streets of the capital, on some houses reappeared greenish flags Jamahiriya.

On appeal to the Libyan people also made the colonel and son, Seif al-Islam, who, like his father, called on supporters to get up and drive out of the country of traitors and NATO.

At the current time firefight in Tripoli last, on the streets at times noisy explosions. In the sky above Libyan planes circling the capital of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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