Game wardens drove the tundra bound for the capital of Chukotka bear

Ohotinspektory drove the tundra polar bear unknowingly appeared around the capital of Chukotka, which lies further south traditional habitat of the predator, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Deputy Head of the Regional Office for the protection and use of wildlife Yegor Vereshchagin.

Meeting people with polar bears in Chukotka are not uncommon. But all of them are in the north and north-east, on the coast of the East Siberian and Chukchi seas, which lie along migratory routes of the Red animals, and are home to walruses, and other pinnipeds — the main object of hunting predator.

The appearance of polar bears in the Anadyr district — infrequent phenomenon and is possible only in the spring, when predators can sail here on drifting ice floes. The most recent case was recorded in 2003, when a young polar bear was spotted in Anadyr. Then the police with sirens drove the beast out of the city.

Swim to the capital

According Vereshchagin, this time to the polar bear was spotted by locals on the beach Anadyr 300 meters from the road leading to the village of Coal Mine. Upon receipt of the information from the village in a jeep, moved by the police. From Anadyr left the boat with ohotinspektsii by state. When approaching people bear jumped into the water and swam toward the capital of Chukotka, located on the opposite bank of the estuary is less than five miles from this place.

"The boat caught a bear, and shot in the air ohotinspektory forced him to change course. For several kilometers, they were accompanied by a predator, then he got to the shore and went to the tundra," — said the Picture.

According to him, the bear trace further route failed due to dark, so local residents were warned to be careful when going to the tundra, and when on the outskirts of the village.

"We still do not fully understand how the polar bear at this time of the year was in the area, as the sea ice on which he could sail, is not observed. Thus the animal sufficiently large and well-fed — it shows that it is not exhausted by the road and it has a good source of food. Maybe bears feed at the dump, which increases the possibility of his return, "- he added.

Ohotinspektor guard

He clarified that ohotinspektory still hoping that frightened animal will come to the coast and go north to the place of their traditional habitat, however, experts will continue to monitor the situation in order to avoid the tragic course of events.

Just last week, in the Chukotka region, there were two cases ended tragically for Red Animal: September 24, in the village of Yanranay (Chaun district) police shot and killed a polar bear attacked a drunken local woman, who was trying to feed the predator. Five days later, an employee at the Ministry of Interior shots hit the polar bear, aggressively trying to penetrate the polar station "Valkarkay" located 50 kilometers from Yanranaya.

According to experts of the working group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Polar Bear, cause frequent cases of collisions with people predators was the disappearance of ice in Chukotka and the subsequent fodder.

Polar bears are listed as threatened species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (International Red Book) and in the Red Book of Russia. The total number of polar bears in the Russian Arctic — about 5-6 thousand individuals, but no exact data on the number of predators do not. At present, the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere live only about 21 thousand polar bears.

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