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Aliens explore the planet to squares, and there are a number of theories why they do it. Today let's talk about why most anomalous zones are located on certain parallels. This is the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, the Buddhist temples in Tibet and, presumably, hidden from the eyes of ancient Atlantis. Anomalous zones of said lot, as opposed to another similar point — "Zone of Silence", located in Mexico and fraught as unsolved mysteries, the boldest guesses allowed to call it a "Gateway to the Universe."

Up until the early 1970s, the "Zone of Silence" and no one was interested only bsha desert just something the size of 50 square kilometers, lies at the intersection of the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila. Already proved that in spite of its external ugliness — sun-scorched red-yellow sandy plain with a few clumps of cactus, bordered by low purple-orange mountains, over which hangs pale blue sky — here in prehistoric times about a few meager springs, long dwindling, the people lived. Now, however, the nearest small village is located six kilometers away, on the outskirts of the desert ranch hold only a few brave souls to help a scientist, and to a bigger city have to drive 50 km.

Anomalous This place also known since antiquity. In ancient books of Mexican states on numerous cases of falling from the sky "hot" stones and chaotic the stars in the sky. At the end of XIX century there and written evidence of local farmers, recorded by Professor Santiago Garcia, people tried in vain to grow on barren ground maize and almost every day fall under the "rain" of hot gravel, rained from the skies.

Following notorious reported incidents related to the "cursed land", has become an airline pilot flight Coahuila Francisco Sarabia in 1930. While flying over the zone all before using the unit, including the radio, suddenly failed, and the plane stopped determined radars. The report, compiled and provided Sarabia superiors, in black and white: "For no apparent reason …" Soon, the aviator was officially recognized as the first to suffer because of the "strange" "Zone of Silence". However, the hype quickly subsided and the mysterious case of forgotten for years to thirty years.

Only in 1964, the "Zone of Silence" (also known as the "Zone of Silence" or "Tethys Sea") was named one of the anomalous areas of the planet. It happened like this. In that year, a chemical engineer Harry de la Pena produced in the desert area near the hill of San Ig-nasio geophysical exploration, and he suddenly refused radio. Returning to base, to repair or replace it, they found that it … works perfectly! However, every time you return to the desert story was repeated.

Since the opening of the "Zone of Silence" took place one after another. Thus, the "found" again, which is a place meteorites, as if drawn by some unknown force that is literally falling from the sky with hail and contain crystalline structures are much older than the solar system. Our system — five billion years old, and one of the meteorites that fell in 1950, it is estimated that at least seven billion years older!

But even more interesting was the fact that so unusual that happened almost on the border of the United States, or in any way attracted the attention of American scientists who were hunting for a mystery of nature around the world. Here and slipped even reports that they had long been known, and under the ground in the area is the secret military base, powerful installation that turns the entire broadcast on its head. However, this assumption is no more than a newspaper canard, because this device, which completely change the strength radiomagnetic field area, there is to this day.

Truly a "naughty" behavior "Zone of Silence" are interested in the 70-ies of XX century, after a series of strange occurrences. The first in their series was experimental ballistic missile "Athena" (at least, U.S. scientists said it was her), running from the base of the "White Sands" in the U.S., which suddenly changed course and, as if attracted by the unknown power of the magnet, flew straight in the "Zone of Silence", where and exploded. And if before the local population legend that mysterious "luses" (lights) — unusual colored pulsating spots that appear in the night air, and how can "play" with each other, and to follow on the heels of the man — the ghost of General " Bunch, "who fought in the beginning of XX century for the independence of Mexico, and died in this region, after the incident, all were convinced that the observed emission is clearly extraterrestrial. The reason for this was the same: the U.S. response to this. exploded "Athena." The day after the disaster in the "Zone of Silence" came several hundred American soldiers who surrounded her, and did not miss even the locals.

Fragments of the rocket in such a small area looking for three whole weeks! And when I finally found out what was taken not only them, but all of the soil around the crash site … And that it was discovered, still hidden in the research laboratories in the U.S.. But the locals were of the two versions. First: a falling rocket was not a missile, and an unknown flying object. Second: in the "Zone of Silence" Americans had experienced robot spy. This is confirmed by Dr. Santiago Garcia, who has spent much of his life to the study of the anomalous area. It is speculated that the source of some wandering lamps may be an experimental robot scout experience here U.S. forces. Day of its solar panels automatically recharged, and at night he secretly carried out his research. There is also a view that the area has rich deposits of magnetite, and that this iron ore is a reason for the suppression of electromagnetic waves. In addition, to date, we have shown that rock ridges surrounding the "Zone of Silence" do contain a significant amount of uranium.

Be that as it may, the last point in the so neglect to abnormal place to put a few cases falling flying, especially the explosion of one of the stages of the rocket "Saturn" — the famous rocket spaceship "Apollo." After that, as reported by the media, U.S. military sent a special group to study the mysterious features cursed territory. One of the first scientists who have studied the "Zone of Silence" and its strange properties, has been already mentioned Harry de la Peña. It was his team found that at this point communication using handheld radios impossible. As stated, there is a certain effect "magnetic force, overwhelming radio waves." In addition, scientists have found out that the Mexican desert in the area millions of years ago was the ancient ocean Te-tis, and with their light hand area got its second name, however, better known in the scientific community — "Sea of Tethys."

Mexicans also began exploring zagadochnre place. To this end, the Government has built a scientific community with research laboratories, which dubbed the "Biosphere" to learn on the spot unusual forms of biological life and the amazing paranormal. Since then, the "Biosphere" (Institute of Ecology Durango) once a year for a month or even longer to become a kind of Mecca for professionals from around the world. However, it should be noted that with the advent of scientists "zone of silence" did not become less mysterious. More likely the opposite. Though numerous studies and establish the facts, but can not explain them, and research reports beginning of XXI century, not more eloquent than the opening of the town.

So, for example, is no explainable "selective" increase in solar radiation in the area — it is 30% higher than in the hottest places on the planet, and decreases sharply at the borders of the desert. Is it not this, it is wild by human standards, ultraviolet radiation due to the existence of the strange mutated animals, nowhere else in the world in this way can not be found? Environment Institute have been recorded, for example, a huge turtle with clear yellow eyes and turtles smaller, but … with two heads, two-headed lizard as different sizes, strange rodents like gerbils, but in fact they are not, with wild boar bristles, porcupine-like spines, hares, are no different from their counterparts, except for extremely long ears .. . scarlet! Caretaker and guard Juan Francisco Institute laboratory Ererra tells us that "in the area inhabited by the world's only copies of some species of flora and fauna. There are wild pigeons, who are singing at sunrise, coyotes, howling at the moon. Many of them, in particular pigs and turtles are endangered because of poachers, tourists, which is growing. They are drawn here the mystery. "

But if the existence of all these animals somehow understandable — albeit with a guard to increased ultraviolet radiation — a regular occurrence in the desert and on its outskirts, "strange" people and humanoid explanation was not received, despite the fact that their contacts the locals are punctually.

Many international publications devoted to anomalous events, walked three stories that have happened to different people and in different years in the "zone of silence."

October 3, 1975 a strange encounter in the area occurred in Ernesto and Josefina Diaz, entrepreneurs and amateur archaeologists who came to the "Zone of Silence" with the intent to collect unusual rocks and fossils of ancient animals. Inspired by the search, the couple did not notice the approaching storm, which quickly turned the dirt road into liquid mud mess. Pickup stuck tightly, and the chance to get out was not simple. Suddenly, not far from the car, there are two very tall, thin man in a yellow raincoat and waterproof hats. They kindly offered to help Diaz. The couple got back in the car, and strangers went to the rear, and before Ernesto and Josephine knew what was happening, pickup literally flew on solid ground! And when the man came to his senses jumped out of the cab, to say thank you, mates were nowhere to be seen …

Another involuntary contactee was a local businessman Ruben Lopez, who was driving through the area at night to the nearest town — Ceballos. Suddenly, the engine of his car for no apparent reason was given interruptions. What was surprising, because shortly before this car has a full maintenance. And then in front, thirty meters, Lopez said five stunted figures, quietly standing at the edge of the road. First businessman thought it stray children (this was not surprised that they do at night in the desert), but then saw that the growth of "kids" a few tens of centimeters, they wear silver jumpsuits and their heads covered with helmets similar to motorcycle. When they began to approach the vehicle, as if trying to surround him, frightened Lopez sharply "gazanul" in neutral, the engine howled, and stunted creatures all ran away into the night. Only strange dwarf disappeared from view, the motor car is working again normally …

The third case was recorded in November 1978, with the journalist Luis Ramirez Rayes and his photographer, have decided to beat a group of colleagues who went to the "biosphere" to hang out with de la Peney. They went on a paved road in the sands with barely thumb track, guided approximate what the local people, and were quite as far as the place of departure and on. the laboratory, when they realized that did not bring the water and even if stray from the path, simply die of thirst. Soon these reckless adventurers reached the fork and barely noticeable, they learned later, the direction is wrong. But soon noticed Ramirez slightly ahead three Wandering slowly figures and, thinking it was the locals who can point the way to a "biosphere", asked the photographer to stop. But the car is not slowing down, swept past. Why? Yes, because the driver, unlike Ramirez, just … did not see anyone! And the journalist attributed the strange machinations of another desert mirage that led to hallucinations.

And nothing, but after a couple of kilometers Ramirez again saw the same trio, still wandering in front, and a photographer, giving the explicit request to stop, but still seeing no one, slowed down. People are very politely explained that Ramirez satellite should turn to the side and drive along the mountainous parts of the desert. And said that they got lost looking for their sheep and goats, although they did not have with him even water, so necessary in the "Sea of Tethys."

But the fun started when the travelers reached the same to "Biosphere" and spoke of a mysterious meeting. De la Pena, who had listened with great interest to them, calmly remarked that in the area there can be no farmers, no other people, except Novice Contributor group and those of permanent staff of the laboratory. Not to mention the animals. Soon the desert once again combed and, of course, did not find anyone …

All of these stories might seem contrived, if not for the numerous other evidence you can trust. Thus, the boundaries of the "Zone of Silence" is a small ranch owners who — Ernesto Ererra Kleotildoy with his wife and daughter Mary — are full-time employees "biosphere". They regularly visit three tall man with long, white hair almost perfectly — two men and one woman, which Ererra described as extremely polite, very beautiful, but strangely dressed people. They perfectly speak Spanish, but their voices seem to some very "musical" or processed by a computer. Newcomers are always asking permission to draw water from the well and then go to an unknown destination. If they ask me who they are and where those only smile in response, sometimes repeating the same words: "from above." Just as they are described and other locals, always noting the courtesy and strange accent.

I should add that these "Nordic identity" were seen not only in the area. For example, Spanish ufologist Antonio Ribera describes similar blonds found in the Pyrenees, near Rosellona where they treat the locals with a request to sell them bread and milk, and pay … pieces of gold, substantially free of impurities … Many saw the same blond aliens and half a world away, in California, the Sierra Nevada, where they often went down to the valley to "barter" transactions with residents.

And naturally, as with any abnormal areas in the "Zone of Silence" is not without a UFO. Travelers who regularly cross the area reported strange lights or fireballs, moving at night from the ground. For a while they hang motionless in the air, changing its color, and then suddenly dart and vanish like lightning … Two farmers, who were returning home from a party, told that they had seen a UFO in the form of a huge glowing ball that fell from the dark sky to the ground, and out came humanoids, strange light in the same light. Humanoids went to farmers stood speechless, but they came to life and started to run, then they admitted that they felt a wave of extraordinary wave of fear. The aforementioned Ernesto Ererra says about strange flying objects, "Planes are not flying as far as I know, no air corridors. Only once in the afternoon, I saw a small object shape like an arrowhead. And he did not fly, and as it were "hung" in the air, almost falling, then rising. The apparatus is then abruptly soared vertically and disappeared in a split second. "

In 1976, the area saw the first pictures of the UFO that landed near local topographical interest — Magnetic Mountain. They clearly see the white object like a giant container of fries. The journalist was forced to take some pictures and during takeoff UFO when he was a loud roar was hoisted up, and ran to the west and quickly disappeared from sight.

And it is these images can not be any doubt and criticism. Researchers have found a lot of physical evidence of the truthfulness and similar stories. One group of scientists went to "Tethys Sea" as soon as they were told that the day before it landed UFO found in the specified location area witnessed the fire scorched vegetation, particles of combustible material unknown to science, and an extremely high level of radiation. Such evidence and clues — the sea, but most of them buried in the scientific laboratories in Mexico and the U.S.. Most recently, a report on television rustled known journalist Jaime Maussana who specializes in UFOs were shown footage of the recorded 11 unidentified flying objects. They ran into the crew of military aircraft that carried out a patrol flight program to combat drugs, and Air Force leadership in Mexico has confirmed the authenticity of the survey and submitted further evidence to hand Maussana.

But not only the puzzle for all tastes for biologists, physicists, and UFO offers a "Zone of Silence" — there is a real paradise for research scientists and archaeologists, as, indeed, throughout Mexico. One has only to recall, for example, the main pyramid of Palenque "Temple of Inscriptions", in which during the excavation of a tomb discovered the sarcophagus V-VIII centuries. On the cover of the last shows the supreme god Kukulkan Mayan — in a suit, sitting at the controls of a spaceship. This is fully consistent with the Mexican legend, in which the coming of the gods of heaven is one of the first places. As the astronauts look sculpture standing on top of a pyramid in the city of Tula, based in the IX century, the Toltecs. Evidence linking olmekov (XIII-XTV century BC. E.) The aliens are found in places multi-ton stone heads of strange creatures that resemble human faces in suits. A giant "Dead Street" in Teotihuacan, Aztec ancestors built in the first century AD? About 4 km long and 40 meters wide, perfectly stretched from south to north — is a real runway, as if specially built to receive and send into space ships! Therefore, is it any wonder that in the "Tethys Sea" were discovered the ruins of ancient stone structures of unknown function. After a detailed study, archaeologists were able to determine their approximate age — a few thousand years — and about the purpose for which they were used — as astronomical observatories. But is it possible to build such a primitive level were performed while people yutivshimisya the rare sources? Who knows. So far, researchers tend to consider the most likely version of that kind of ancient extraterrestrial civilization interested weirdo "Zone of Silence" and built a station for his own observations.

So far, scientists from all over the open "on its head" and more new secrets treacherous Mexican desert. Open — but not solve. This means that as long because of the "Gateway to the Universe" is still in Ceballos TVs will not work in the desert will turn off cell phones and stop the clock, and the arrow of the most reliable compass becomes hopelessly confused directions. Will be silent and radio, to revive only in certain places and filling the hot air sounds unknown earthlings speech. It is even possible — speech unknown to us, and the mysterious universe.

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