German MP took patronage over Pavel Vinogradov

Bundestag Marina Schuster stated its full support to the Belarusian political prisoner 23-year-old Pavel Vinogradov.

He was sentenced to 4 years maximum security prison for taking part in the events of December 19.

German Free Democrat, coordinator of the parliamentary faction of human rights and humanitarian Marina Schuster thus joined the company, "Patronage of the political prisoners." The company initiated a few months ago, a human rights organization «Libereco — Partnership for Human Rights», with headquarters in Bonn. Its purpose — to every political prisoner in Belarus and his family have received moral and political support from the German parliament. The essence of this approach is to keep track of problems, "patronized" political prisoner support, in including and financially, his family, to disseminate information on political prisoners in Belarus with a view to their release.

Previously, their patronage over the political prisoners Nikita Lihavidam, Paul Seviarynets, Dashkevich Atroschankau Alexander, Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry Bondarenko said a member of the Bundestag and PACE Manuel Caratsin MEP Michael Galer, German MPs Krystofer Shtreser, Franz Tsenes, Marieluise Beck, the Polish MEP Marek Migalski.

Marina Schuster argued its decision as follows:

"As a human rights expert, I advocate for the abolition of all politically motivated decisions and end the repression against dissidents and independent media. Pavel Vinogradov and all other political prisoners be released and rehabilitated, as all the people of Belarus has the right to to live in freedom and dignity. I support the efforts for freedom and democracy in Belarus, but because I stand on the side of Pavel Vinogradov and his associates. "

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