Giant hole on the moon — alien bases?

Astronomers looking for the cause of education of huge holes in our satellite

Space probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter made the most detailed pictures of the two giant holes in the surface of the moon.

One of these holes — Marius Hills. Experts estimate its diameter of 65 meters, depth — 80 meters. But believe that the apparent move leads to a much wider tunnel — about 370 meters wide. Its dimensions are large enough to hide in a hole is a large building, such as the White House.

Another hole Mare Ingenii almost twice the size of Marius Hills. The amazing thing is that it is located in an area where there is a relatively small number of signs of volcanic activity.

UFOlogists, of course, believe that the moon exists underground shelters, built long ago by aliens. Very much they smooth the edges. As if dug.

One otvesrty.
Photo: NASA.

The scientists, of course, the fun of such assumptions. On one of their hypotheses, the deep black hole — a natural formation. Once something was collapsed by moonquakes was punched or meteorite. A tunnel or tunnels paved lava. Perhaps, it has created in the depths of the moon and extensive facilities.

Incidentally, the "lava tube" — subsurface movement of lava channels — found on Earth. A flow of molten rock, which solidifies on top. The main volume of lava which continues to move and leaves an empty space. A kind of tunnel.

Specialists from the University of Carnegie Mellon even suggest that these holes may well be the right place to put the base on the Moon. After all layers of rock, located on top of the tunnels and halls could well protected from radiation and temperature fluctuations. Or become an excellent platform to test methods to search for life on Mars.


And Mars has HOLES

The participants of the training project Mars Student Imaging Program at the surface of Mars have found a strange hole. It is located on the slope of a volcano Pavonis near the equator of Mars. According to rough estimates, its diameter is about 170 meters. Depth — not less than 100 meters.

The current hole has expanded the number of such objects. They come across a few years. And were first discovered in images taken in 2007. Then could see immediately 7 holes.

Then, in the view of the scientists got a hole with a diameter of about 100 meters. Saw it on one of the pictures taken with a high resolution camera HiRISE, which is installed at the station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (see "manual" from 11.06. 2007, "Well, is this hole Mars"). From the height of 252 kilometers camera captures the vast plateau, located in the Arsia Mons. There gaping at the surface is black, as if drawn with ink stain.


Recognition Edwin Aldrin

British television channel Channel Five in 2006 showed a documentary called "Apollo 11": The Untold Story ", timed to the anniversary of the first lunar expedition. Just at the end of July, three astronauts — Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins — returned safely to Earth. And the first two even walked on the moon — Collins remained in its orbit.

Fans welcome recognition of abnormal pleased Edwin Aldrin — U.S. Air Force Colonel. He finally spoke really untold. That is about the mysterious, which he watched with Armstrong.

Of course, the rumors about the "alien spaceship", which saw the astronauts near lander Eagle («Eagle"), and the bright light, proceeding from the nearby crater existed long ago. But they were only based on information from some ham, who allegedly intercepted talks crew to Earth.

But there were other words. They have already heard by millions of people, when NASA led live coverage of the landing on the moon.

— Where the S-IVB?
asked astronauts Houston. (They asked booster third stage, which guides the ship to the moon and after a while it falls.)

— S-IVB is at a distance of about 11,000 kilometers, — responded within minutes from Earth.

It might seem that the astronauts simply requested information necessary for spatial orientation. However, the case was quite different.

Out the window, we saw that at some distance from us there is a large object, — Aldrin told now. — He was the ring-shaped and moved on elliptical trajectories. Collins decided to get a better look at it through a telescope. And for sure — it was not our ship.

After the response from the Earth, it became clear that it was not S-IVB.

On his observation astronauts decided not to report to the base, but only tell on his return, at a secret briefing.

— What are we supposed to do? — continued Aldrin. — Shout: "Guys, an object is moving away from us, and you are in Houston do not know what's going on?" We were afraid that someone might be required to stop the mission. So we decided just to find out where is currently S-IVB.

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