Golden stone Chayttiyo!

On a high mountain with the unpronounceable name Chayttiyo that is in the territory of Myanmar, is the unique pagoda. It looks quite unusual, because standing on a huge boulder at the edge of a cliff. The impression is that is about to blow a gentle breeze and a boulder crashing down along with the sacred structure. However, no matter what, for many years he persistently kept in its place.

In fact, brittle structures — is an illusion. During the tour, visitors can see this first hand: even more effort is not enough to budge this "golden stone". Boulder begins to wobble and the spectacle is quite frightening. However, falling boulder well, not going to. It is only a legend can be explained by the incredible resilience of the stone. It is said that one day the Buddha gave his hair a couple of hermit. A little later, this wanderer built on shaky boulder pagoda, and put a lump under your valuable gift that tightly secured it on the rock.

Stone is 5 feet tall and covered with gold leaf. Look at the shrine can be anyone. However, close to the pagoda Chayttiyo can come only by men. In fact, again according to legends, can bring down the stone down the woman. Therefore, the beautiful half of humanity does not allow us to approach close to the boulder. To get to the church can be unique to the truck that carries tourists from the city called Kinpun.

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