Golden Turtle opens Year of Environment in the Russian Federation

Festival "Golden Turtle" opens in Russia Year of Environment in which environmental activities of the state and society must become more effective, said Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi on Friday at the opening of the festival.

"In the short time of a bright and extraordinary contest this event has become common area where there are people who care, those citizens for whom the defense of nature is in fact the purpose of life," — said Don, speaking at the opening ceremony.

The Minister highlighted the opening years of the environment with this festival, which, according to him, helping to consolidate the society and his interest in addressing the backlog of environmental problems.

"I promise you that this year, our work, our activities (Environmental Protection — ed.) Will be more effective, more efficient," — said the head of the Ministry of Environment.

Head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Kulbachevsky Anton said that the show "is especially useful for residents of large cities" and children "with nature communicate over the internet."

Seventh Moscow International Festival of Nature "Golden Turtle" will be held from 19 January to 17 February 2013. This year, the international expert jury includes both Russian and foreign professionals, for example, the main BBC Wildlife Magazine editor Sophie Stafford.

The experts will evaluate the photographs from 64 countries. This year, the contest brought about 15,000 jobs, but only 200 of them will be selected by the jury and presented to the public. According to the organizers, in addition to photographs will be presented to the public movies and TV themes from nature, as well as environmental projects.

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