Gorilla cub born in the Moscow Zoo

Gorilla cub born in the Moscow Zoo on Monday morning, visitors can already see it in the department of primates, the press service of the Moscow Zoo on his official website.

"The joyous event in the department of primates — the samochki gorilla born baby. Our group consists of a gorilla adult male, three females (old, middle, youngest), and the average female cub. Born baby — another cub average female. Mama and baby are doing well , calm atmosphere in the group, "- said in a statement.

The press service noted that the difference between the two cubs about four years, with an interval of about babies born in gorillas and in nature.

"The birth of a baby gorilla in captivity — a great achievement for the zoo, is a significant contribution to the pan-European program for the conservation and breeding of rare and endangered species," — reads the document.

According to the press service, the Moscow Zoo gorilla calving occurs for the second time.

"Dear visitors, these winter days you can see a miracle — a baby gorilla, his caring mother-gorilla and all their close-knit family," — added the report.

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