Gregory Sitnitsa: I'm not going to walk with me a medal hung on a censor

Two weeks ago the artist Alexei Marochkin described in the "Free Studio" about the situation in the exhibition of the "Pursuit" at the Palace of Arts. That transfer has caused a resonance in an artistic environment. Deputy chairman of the Union of Artists of Belarus Ryhor Sitnitsa expresses his position.

Michas Scoble: "Gregory, should recall in a few words the main point of my conversation with Alex Marochkin. According to him, the leadership of the anniversary exhibition of the Artists' Union were removed five pieces — for political reasons. Seems you yourself — member of the" Chase. "And What happened to the one already controversial, the exhibition? "

Gregory Sitnitsa: "Since the beginning of the 90s I was part of seventeen years in the" Chase. "However, when I was elected to the leadership of the Union of artists, it offers virtually everything a union of not being in any way affiliated or that structure, I'm officially out of the" Chase . "As to the exhibition, it must be noted that in it I also took part, as well as another deputy chairman Sergei Timokhov. Thus, we emphasized their responsibility to the community as" race "and their affiliation with the ideas it represents. Namely — Confession of national shrines, national values. Certainly, we live with it and its not going to change the priorities and guidelines. "

Scoble: "So what did you do not agree with the statements of Alexei Marochkina in the" Free Studio "for March 15?"

in the eighth decade of life need to know the value of words such as "pogrom" and "censorship", they are not far to the "traitor" and to the "enemy," and hang up if such a "coin", you think who you hang them …

Sitnitsa: "In all disagree. Even the title of the program enclosed at" Freedom "is:" Censorship "no", but the censors at the Artists Union is ". And specifically named censors — I, President of the Union, Vladimir Savic and chairman Vladimir Zinkevich. So, I'm not going to go with the "medals" that put on me and my friends Alexey Antonovich Marochkin. Not only that, I want to note that it is not a single interview. While the show lasted for two weeks at all sites in all of the independent press publications appeared, where we are called and the "censors" and even "thugs." Mr Marochkina I appreciate for many years as an artist and a citizen, we have many paths in life were together, I was always there. So I want to remind him that in the eighth decade of life need to know the value of words such as "pogrom" and "censorship", they are not far to the "traitor" and to the "enemy," and hang up if such a "medal", the I suppose, to whom you hang them. Thank God, and I, and Vladimir Savic know a lot of people, especially those who profess the same national values. We do not have to make excuses for the way we live our lives, what we did in this life to our national culture and our national idea. "

Scoble: "Nobody questioned your merits as artists. Talking with Marochkin was removed from an exhibition of the work. And they were shot, according to Alexei Marochkina at your Savicheva and participation."

I always say, if you know what your head and smash it deliberately con …

Sitnitsa: "Here I have to explain something. Today, unfortunately, our union has developed a very dramatic sytutsyya. For example, can you imagine that even folk artists get paid for their workshops over a million a month, with a pension of, say, 600-700 thousand rubles. Additionally, we received a letter from the mayor Ladutko — to give our Palace of Ming Kommunkhoz. To quote exactly what we were asked to make a decision "for the donation." This is an extremely critical situation in the Union, and in such circumstances to give up trumps those people who are dreaming of our property in his hands, is simply unreasonable. I always say, if you know what your head and smash it deliberately substituted, knowing that it will be broken, you're just a fool, because a smart man does not. Another thing, if you substitute your head and you know that you pay for something then broken down — if you can, and clever, but we're not that smart. And so — attention. The day before the show "Chase" we met with its leaders. Note that the head of the "Chase" — not Marochkin and Gennady Drozdov. But no interviews Drozdov you will not see in the media. Alexey Antonovich — respected artist and one of the founders of the "Chase", but in fact he now serves as the head of "Abduction" and speaks for the entire community. And I am convinced that 98% of members of the "Chase" today do not support his claim that we are "thugs" and "censors". We came to the palace, and invited Drozdov Marochkina to talk like their men as men. North and talked a few minutes, we found a complete adinadushnasts. Gennady Drozdov even offered three times: "Guys, we are talking about here, we are not enemies of themselves, we're not going to create a conflict, let's go through the exhibition and decide what should be replaced, and we will replace." We found a mutual understanding as well with Marochkin, shook hands and were very pleased. Vladimir Savic I even said, "It is good that our guys are smart, because no one had to be persuaded that we did not need to apply any administrative measures." So we went to the exposition, we did not touch to any product, they shot themselves. We just talked together, no we did not point out. "

Scoble: "And what are the criteria you arguing and deciding what to take, what to leave?"

we would be a crime to substitute for 2-3 people the whole Union of Artists (1050!) …

Sitnitsa: "The criteria were very simple. We know what the time is now, we know what would be the reaction of any of the officials. On our side, it would be a crime to substitute for 2-3 people the whole Union of Artists (1050!). And tomorrow we would have? Have we forgotten example of the Writers? Because writers and can write in the kitchen, put the computer and write. Sorry, the writers that I have offended you so. artist But so can an artist — this production. And tomorrow, when we raise rent for the shops back in three or four times, we will cease to exist as artists. So, then, before the show, we found a mutual understanding with colleagues. Moreover, I even told Marochkin: you have a full workshop works, although portrait Bulak Bulahovicha expose. If needed, we will give the car podedu, deliver and hang up. "

Scoble: "If I understand you correctly, then Alex Marochkin, in your opinion, violated the agreement that you have achieved in the negotiations?"

Sitnitsa: "I'm quite sure that he had broken. We agreed as a man and in my own way, how can we then speak publicly that all was not right? It's not a man. Moreover, he hung a medal us" thugs "and "censors." So, are we going to him thus addyachvats and distribute the same coin? And they are already distributed in our environment — and the "agent provocateur" (God forbid!), and "Belarusian Currency …"

Scoble: "I urge you all to refrain from such a performance."

Sitnitsa: "Yes, we're above it and never apustsimsya to it. I always argue with peop
le who exhibit such" arguments. "But I urge and Marochkina, and others, and encourage all of us — to respect each other."

Scoble: "Gregory, I well remember one of the exhibition at the Art Museum took off your work" Rubon. "It was a picture of a white-red-white flags. And you then publicly indignant and outraged all of us. So why can not the same paaburatstsa If Alex Marochkin? "

Sitnitsa: "First, my indignation was not there. Was not for a very simple reason. Director of the museum, government agency, asked me to replace the one" Rubon. "I understand it completely, and any claims he did not speak for up to this day."

Scoble: "The fact is, artists do you think should go to some compromises?"

Sitnitsa: "Absolutely."

Scoble: "Once in a conversation you said that to save the Union is prepared to sacrifice the" pursuit. "And do not you think that this is not a compromise, but something else?"

Sitnitsa: "When I say that he is ready to sacrifice the" chase ", it does not mean — people as a community are all very respectable people I have. But I say as a manager for 1050. B" Chase "also includes about 60, but active members there — about 30 ".

Scoble: "There is not in the amount of work."

Sitnitsa: "Not in quantity. But let us note that not all of the artists who follow the national values are members of the association" The Chase ".'s Not the fact that one" race "is the idea. I am obliged to protect the interests of a larger group, and I I will defend them. Save Union of Artists, its property and do for the country and for the nation what we can do — it is much more important than razbegchysya and not do anything, go and hurt prohibited. However, the same Alex Marochkin not such persecuted. He exhibited at all of our shows — it's a very active artist. Today in Moscow, five exhibited his works in a renovated wing of the palace Ruzhany we did an exhibition, there 6 or 7 of his work. thank him for what he takes part in exhibitions, we will continue to involve them in our creative work. Nobody distances himself from him. "

Scoble: "I do not diverge away from each other Sitnitsa — artist and poet, and Sitnitsa — Deputy Chairman of the Union? Here I am reminded of one of your old poem:" I'm going to rub on the number at the front "attention" are, I just status, sorry , bullshit bullshit "… But today you care about status."

The Union of artists of today has several plants, is the Palace of Arts, has several galleries — we have a huge property …

Sitnitsa"Nobody is to leave. I still subscribe to the lines you mentioned. Artist — always a maverick, they were never a guide. Supervises the artist only God. Was only at his command, under his" rhythm "can be a creator. Going under the rhythm one party or another I will not. When any government, under any circumstances, I will stay with my worldview, I will not accept draws guidance. But, at the same time, I'm not going to spend a consideration, especially if it's not me personally when for me there is a huge group. Artists Union has today a few plants, a palace of art, has several galleries — we have a huge property. And I will be a criminal, and if you take all of this will let the spray. I never do. I do not want , then to us saying that we destroyed our union that is more than 70 years. And my colleagues in all circumstances, I still would advise to keep a friendly behavior. Do not put your friends and associates stuffed the whole wide world. "

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