Grodno in East Prussia

In the Old Royal Castle in Grodno today opened the exhibition "No" secret "." It tells of the life of the city under German occupation, when Grodno attached to Eastern Prussia.

At the opening of History and Director of the Archaeological Museum of Yuri Kiturko recalled that the Germans June 22, 1941 immediately began to bomb the city, in the center was a lot of destruction. The Red Army in the afternoon left Grodno. However, the next day we received an order urgently to recapture the city, resulting in the approaches to it was lost almost an entire division.

The exhibition is a form, weapons, and the Red Army and the Wehrmacht. But the main goal — to show life under the German occupation of Grodno ghetto, stand with ads in including on executions, propaganda posters, street photography. Along with the museum to organize the exhibition joined regional archives, photographs lent by private collectors.

The cabinet with ads

A boy from a German machine gun.

Hats police, edged weapons


War exhibition

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