Grodno journalists demand to dismiss the case against Pochobut

Tonight in Grodno gathered journalists — members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. They expressed concern that against their colleagues — Andrew Pochobut prosecuted for publishing it.

Andrei Poczobut is a correspondent for the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza". Grodno Regional Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case against him under article 368 "of insulting the President of Belarus." Occasion was the publication of the journalist checking the State Security Committee, who delivered the materials to the prosecutor.

Colleague Andrew Pochobut Igor Bantser:

"Today, brought together members of Hrodna branch of Belarusian Association of Journalists, to discuss the situation with the criminal case against Andrzej Poczobut. This is a purely political matter, for his professional activities. We are all journalists, each of us, it can wait. There was quite a long discussion, but all agreed that we should take, it will not return, and the letter to the prosecutor, and certainly in the KGB, which initiated the case, to other organs of government — demanding an end to the case and to stop all harassment of independent journalists " .

At the meeting itself came later Andrew Pochobut:

"Certainly, the fact that his colleagues are concerned that they are in agreement, it is very it would be important for every person who was in my situation. Grodno my fellow journalists to protect me though thus, although I know that opportunities are limited, but for me it's important, it's nice. "

It affects every journalist who is not in the public media, said a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Vladimir Khilmanovich:

"Apart from friendly support, and there is a professional, journalistic interest as it can happen to anyone. Everyone writes critical articles and such sucked from the finger criminal proceedings can be started at least fifteen to twenty if not every independent journalist who expresses his opinion, critical thought. Recent years and months, journalists are systematically repressed. "


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