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On Sunday in Grodno took a literary tour, dedicated to the three "shastsidesyatnikam" — national writer Vasil Bykov, novelist and historian Alexis Karpyuk Boris Klein.

All of them have written memoirs, the last one of their recently released, he lives in the U.S.. A new tour called "triangle of Grodno," led her to the WhiteRussian language Tatiana touching with firms "Mercana".

Tatiana touching noted that it uses the memories of writers, the goal was to introduce the fun, in a sense, even comical situations in life these people. The story begins near the train station. All three came to Grodno to work.

Vasil Bykov in the book "The Long Way Home" as recalls his arrival in the city, "which is thoroughly and for many years was involved in my destiny": "It felt a certain" zahodnasts "features of the Middle Ages in old buildings, churches, even in the streets brukovtsy again two locks and Neman. "

As for interesting stories, they have occurred, as it looks, mainly from Alexei Karpyuk. For example, near the house of the writer Eliza Ozheshko, where it was the regional branch of the Union of Writers, Tatiana touching tells how Karpyuk friends found on a couch in his coat — the writer fell asleep listening to Western radio all night, that reported the entrance to Prague Soviet armor at the end of August 1968 . Karpyuk along with other reservists mobilized had sent to Czechoslovakia, but finally returned to his home. On the territory of the military unit he caught thrown three carbines, with whom he had a problem: first, they had not wanted him to take, and then figured out where he was and what their purpose has taken.

Near the old tower-mail on the street sounded Ozheshko story about how Karpyuk wrote a letter to Marshal Zhukov and his uncle so confused envelopes — both recipients sent him a reply.

Tatiana touching also talked about how Hrodna KGB then kept under the attention of writers. Literary tour ended in a public museum of Vasil Bykov, where participants met one of the creators of the exhibition, a former radio journalist Alexei Demidovich.

Alexei Demidovich — about Bykov — in the museum of the writer


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