Heavy snow fell on New York City

Heavy snow collapsed on Saturday in the north-eastern United States, causing serious disruptions in transport links and leaving many people without electricity. Most strongly felt in turmoil the states of New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In northern New York, precipitation began in the morning.

Local television and radio stations reported numerous accidents on highways, some of them lined up many kilometers of traffic jams. The situation is aggravated by the fact that as a result of falling trees disrupted power supply in some areas, many traffic lights do not work.

According to local media, in New York, thousands remain without electricity consumers. Energy companies promise to improve the situation in the near future.

Port Authority of New York, which is running the city airports, delays and cancellation of many flights. Disrupted and train — a lot of snow on the tracks prevents train stay on schedule.

Snow in October — an extremely rare occurrence in New York. For all the 135 years of weather observations snow this month dropped only three times, the last time — four years ago. The most intense rainfall were recorded in 1925.

Meteorologists warn that the current snowfall can break all records — according to their forecasts for the next two days in some areas of the north-eastern United States could fall up to 30 inches of precipitation.

Trouble snowfall promise and participants in the movement "Occupy Wall Street" who have been more than a month living in a tent camp in the park Zukkoti in the southern part of Manhattan, according to ITAR-TASS. However, the protesters are determined to stand up to the last — even though, the other day they seized propane tank, used for heating and cooking.

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