Historical Background

[Img = http://www.tselinaraion.ru/netcat_files/Image/111/vokzal.jpg] The land on which is now located Tselinskii area until 1917 was part of the county Medvezhinskoye Stavropol province and partly — Salle County Areas Don forces. According to these places — from Bataysk to Trade (now — Sal'sk) was built new rail line Don. The grand opening of the movement of trains on this branch was held on March 1, 1916. By the time one of the spans for operational needs station was built, named Celina — the railway station and a few houses for the technical personnel of the station and their families. 18 people — all people Celina at the time. [Cut] unkind, harsh by its natural and climatic conditions of the edge — so early in the last century, spoke about these places eyewitnesses that distant time. Snowless winter with 30 degrees of frost, dust storms, sizzling hot winds … use while land here mostly horse breeders — as grazing for horses and cattle. According to archival evidence found local history S.K.Debelym, crops occupied at the time of no more than 10% of the land, the average yield was 15 — 20 pounds of grain per acre (2.2 — 3.0 t / ha). But in the 20's in search of a better life immigrants flocked here — mostly from the central regions of Ukraine and Russia. Back home molokans and Doukhobors. At the time of their ancestors by the tsarist government in Central Russia were sent to the border regions, including — in the Caucasus, to the territory, which later moved to Turkey. In the early twentieth century, the leaders of the Soviet state allowed them to return and settle on undeveloped land. People accustomed to the hard work of farmers, "tamed" freestyle steppe — threw open the reservoir, planted shelterbelts. Appeared and grew villages and hamlets. [Img = http://www.tselinaraion.ru/netcat_files/Image/111/vokzal_.jpg] Celina, and having taken its start and its name from a small plant in the boundless steppes, quickly built, increasing the number of its inhabitants. In 1923, the town became the center of the newly formed West konnozavodcheskogo district. After joining the short term to Gigantovskomu district, within its current borders Tselinskii district was formed January 2, 1935. According to the territorial division, except settlements based immigrants in the 20's, in the district Tselinskiy entered the village and the Middle Lopanka Yegorlyk leading their chronology from the beginning of the XIX century.

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