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It is hard to imagine a modern car without the presence (availability) at its most visible place (hood, grille, front panels, etc.), trademarks, acronyms, logos. Each of these elements contains a wealth of information, it is quite understandable to the consumer. This facilitates the identification of the goods, their origin, ie producer, stimulates the acquisition, symbolizes quality and provides information about the appointment.

A trademark can be a graphic, and sculptural volume, letter, full of the word — the name of the manufacturer, or combinations of these elements. Until the mid 50-ies of XX century, many of the cars of prestigious firms "decorated" graceful stylized three-dimensional images of animals, birds, women's heads and figures, just as carved statues decorated their ships ancient mariners. And the domestic automobile plant in those years did not fail like the opportunity to enter into their own trademarks.
So, with the hoods of cars Gorky Automobile Plant in a graceful leap "flew" a deer on the hood of heavy trucks Yaroslavl Automobile Plant was a bear figurine, gently leaning forward with his front paw raised, "Like, I'm careful, but I inadvertently, and to pin down," and on freight Minsk Automobile cars — frozen in suspense potential (an underlying) power and become bison Bialowieza Forest Belarus.

With the advent of the first prototypes for the resurgent automotive industry Ulyanovsk plant of the need to create his trademark.

The figure Aryamova, artist-designer U.S. (Automobile Engine Scientific Institute, Moscow), which became the basis for the development of the first version of wagon-type vehicle at the factory, in the grille on the front panel there is a clearly visible, outspoken letter "u" is not carrying any semantic meaning, except the initial letter of the word — the name of the city where the plant is located. But such a city could be Ussurijsk and Urjupinsk and Urzhum etc., in addition to other associative concepts in the mouth wit. Obviously, in such a pure form of the letter "I" was, to put it mildly, is not preferred.

For the first prototypes "UAZ-450" worker OGKap PV Kulikov has developed a trademark that subsequently installed on production cars in the early years of the production of "450's". It was a ring, on both sides horizontally — stylized wings. Inside the ring was inset with three colored "fields": the extreme — dark blue, central — red with gold lettering "UAZ".

A similar version of the sign is not suited as a style decision, and in the semantic reading (like a different logo trucking companies), and, in addition, was time-consuming. Color "field" paint the inside of the ring by hand, but color fastness in use was very small, quickly lost its presentation mark.

And quite naturally was a return to the development of new solutions mark. OGKap artists, designers staffing office box, PV Shorebirds and AF Kovalev created many sketches and mock-ups, even the sign of a metal and wood variety of shapes: with the acronym "UAZ", the name of the city, featuring distinctive features typical of the city or the countryside. From the lighthouse, for example, with a clear political significance, stylized waves, the silhouette of the bridge over the Volga River in Ulyanovsk, etc. to a stylized head of elk as a symbol of endurance, strength and permeability. By the way, about the same period, moose head has become a trademark of UZTS.

In the development of a new sign was the author trying to create it on clear principles: the sign should be concise, easily recognizable, graphically simple, containing no abbreviations and titles. He tried, he returned to "business as usual", the sign began to develop the idea in 1957, when completed preliminary design "vagonnika" based on the car "GAZ-62". It was then that the figures look of the car and appeared transformed in the image of "flying bird" letter "U". I had to find the dimension of the sign, it graphically balanced silhouette and besides — to invest in it "soul" — meaning.

It is noteworthy that our colleagues in the Bureau of bodies — the leading designer YG Borzov and bureau chief SM. Tyurin took such a "refinement" with interest. Then — a sketch for the pilot plant, the first "bird" in the metal and setting one of a series of prototypes of the car "UAZ-469". But in this form the sign seemed authors of "lightweight", a little rustic, and already in the competition announced by the economic councils of the Ulyanovsk region in January 1962, "On the best decoration products, the creation of souvenirs, logos and packaging," trademark "UAZ "was added to the ring.

The decision of the jury on the 12/22/62, the trademark of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was awarded first prize in the nomination.

The first official mention occurred in the middle of November 1963, in connection with the issuance of documentation on the pre-production family car "UAZ-451". In December 1963 the mark was registered with the State Committee of the USSR, the certificate number 26044.

Replacement of materials and manufacturing technology change involves some changes to the graphics sign, but the essence remained the same.

In the early 80-ies of the last century, a sign of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was recorded in many foreign countries, countries of export Ulyanovsk car.

Quite unexpectedly in 1981 from the German patent office comes to an official denial of registration of the mark in our German and others, the protest FRG states. The refusal is justified protest automotive firms' Adam Opel AG. " Protest study are presented in the accompanying statement of an official letter from the Patent Office of Germany for the number 450030112 on 11.20.81 "… A cursory glance at the mark, and when taken at an acute angle of view of the person concerned can not quite come to that conclusion that he has to deal with his well-known graphic representation of the mark by "Opel", especially as the opposable trademark is well known in the circles of car drivers.

In certain circumstances, looking at the registered mark, you might think that you are dealing with a somewhat misshapen trademark "Opel". As you know, this type of trade marks are often mounted on the front side or sides of the body that are particularly exposed to damage in the event of an accident, when parking, etc.

If, for example, towing a car with damage before a deformed trademark, you can easily come to the wrong conclusion about the ownership of the trademark, ie tow the car to the wrong shop or buy the wrong parts … ".

Plant Directorate of those years, in connection with this letter, it was proposed HKB UGC (Art and Design Office) to develop a second version of the sign to be installed on vehicles supplied in the country where the plant was refused registration of the mark.

Have been developed and completely original trademarks and options with continuity, but a slightly modified shape of the letters "U".
At the same time, trying to prove to the artificiality of the respective institutions and insolvency claims "Adam Opel AG." Yet trademark firms, companies — not frozen in time form. Changing concept for fashion, personal perception of the head, etc. At the same time, a firm with a long history,
in the production of long-lived, even by changing the nature of manufactured products, trying to keep his trademark, his "calling card", proven on the market. A very typical example of a well-known automotive company "Citroen", instead of the previous model has been launched herringbone gear wheel (with gear teeth).
Others, however, leaving the essence of the mark, upgrade it, as did the WHA, introducing his "boat" after making an oval.
Some even very well-known companies over the years had several original versions of trademarks, back to the original version. So did, for example, the company "Ford", returning to the sign with the word "Ford" in an oval.

When you create a volume graphic presentation (factory) sign along with criteria such as conciseness, recognizability and originality, every element in it is inevitably associated with a specific meaning. The converse. There is a graphical solution, and then to the mark as a whole and its members are chosen specific to the type of products (mainly for businesses), semantic explanation.

Something similar happened with our factory mark. At this time, the beginning was not the word, and drawing the letter "U", transformed into a stylized image of a flying bird. Exclusive right to use the mark for labeling of products has only company to register the mark in the State of patent and licensing service, and received the certificate on it, which is extended every 10 years.

To register the application is filed with the image of the sign and the description, a carefully worded text material that eliminates any possibility of a different interpretation and use of the mark by third parties. An application for a sign factory and became one of the first submitted for registration on behalf of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

However, it should go back to the mid-60's of the last century. In those years, the department chief designer, and the plant did not exist patent and licensing services. This, apparently, was not absolutely necessary. The appearance in the design offices truly original and interesting developments at the level of inventions was perceived as the result of the usual routine of work, as some part of the contribution of the author or authors to the cause. And no one ever claimed the exclusive right of authorship, priority, or at least created an application for a technical solution.

It is time for technical solutions in the development of plant designers needed to do, given the global experience of the industry and technology in general, creating competitive products.

In those years, the department chief designer and was created patent-licensing group under the leadership of Boris Ivanovich Mesentseva later it was headed by Gennady Shiyan. The objectives of the service were checking-infringement developed equipment, identification of novelty and technical solutions in the protection of the State of patent and licensing service.

Industrial intellectual property and copyright law are not "empty words", the patent office of the factory defend its intellectual property by filing patent applications to the State-licensed service.

From year to year nakaplivlsya experience, competence and professionalism of the office, and in this great merit Nina Leonidovna Samylina, who headed the team for a long time. Her extraordinary responsibility for their work and the work of colleagues, an enviable performance, meticulous in the design of various types of documents, of course, has a positive impact on the work of the bureau.
When it's time to protect our factory mark of automaker claims "Adam Opel", the bureau not only failed to do so, but also recorded it, in spite of possible sanctions by the 'Opel', in the countries of Europe, Asia and America.

And it was full of NL Samylina, AP Ermolayeva, ES Mitrofanov LM Shevchenko and KD Baranova. And these days in this important for the prestige of the factory office UGC continue to protect the interests of plant L, Y. Zemlyanskaya, AV Paramonov and V. Kolesov.

Author: AM Rakhmanov

Original text: "Panorama UAZ" from 23.11.2012 year.


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