Honey, we’re killing children (Ukraine) Watch online

Honey, we're killing children (Ukraine) Watch online
Another show, "borrowed" from zabugornogo television. We are talking about the English show "Sweetheart, we kill the children, "which is currently based on Ukrainian television.
In the center of attention are problematic families in which kids are tormented by the method of their parents, taking over their bad habits and driving is completely unacceptable for kids lifestyle. Parents will be given the opportunity to look into the alleged distant future of their beloved children and how to behold directly impacts caused their heirs incorrect life, they were a child.
Next, the family receives at the hands annotation step, following which each member of the family tries to change his life to the best. For everything it stands exactly one month. Hard to have healthy lifestyle and grow awake own kids, but if the characters show willing to make positive changes in their disorderly life, they must obey the instructions of coaches.

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