Hong Kong: the pilots are afraid to fly to New York due to radiation




Airline Cathay Pacific has introduced restrictions on the Hong Kong non-stop flights to New York, after it became known that this trip is to increase the risk of developing cancer of the crew, according to Agence France Presse. According to the representative trade unions, the number of flights for the same crew reduced to two per month, as the route goes over the North Pole at an altitude of 8000 meters, where the radiation level is high enough to damage the DNA of cells.

Emphasized, however, that the passengers such limitation does not apply, as they are in the air too little time to develop are any complications.

Recall that a similar statement and advocated the union of pilots of American Airlines, which drew public attention to the fact that the level of cosmic radiation crews can be equated with the official category of working with sources of ionizing radiation.

Currently, the U.S. crews do not apply to employees associated with radiation, however, such laws have been adopted in a number of European countries where the track level of dose received by pilots. Some studies have shown that pilots are three to four times more likely to develop melanoma — a type of skin tumors.

Battery News, 29.03.2005 13:21
Source: Mednovosti

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