How are escape Natalya Radina

The site editor "Charter'97" Radina left from Belarus and is for the availability of the KGB. How are escape Natalya its associates, friends and acquaintances?

The human rights activist Ales Bialiatski Welcomes the decision of Natalia Radina flee abroad. He believes that being outside of Belarus, the journalist will be able to tell more about his detention in the KGB detention center, on interrogations and "this whole circus that had a power."

Ales Bialiatski

"The process is politically motivated, it is devoid of any legal basis. And if attracted journalists for their professional activities" by the ears "of the process, then many questions arise. Fact that she made this move, it's right. Indeed, it is innocent, and it has nothing to compete for these Lukashenko's courts. Secondly, if it were somehow isolated as a result of the trial, in professional terms, it would have lost everything. Indeed, the possibility of practicing journalism would not be. Thirdly, the conditions content in Belarusian prisons inhuman, so I especially wish all women who fall in Belarusian prison. Indeed, men can still somehow stand it, but for girls, women — it's just a disaster. "

Commenting on this action Natalia Vladimir Khalip, the father of journalist Irina Khalip which is charged on charges of rioting and is under house arrest, said:

Vladimir Khalip

"If the government is behaving indecently, the business that is done in response to it, are legitimate and legal. I understand — to disappear when the power against you has any questions, you should not. But if the government is clinging to any innocent people and trying to make criminals out of them, then the only way to respond to her actions. Radin — well done! So be it. Suppose it is lucky there, abroad, to wait out the time it is not very good. I think it will not be long. And it is, I hope, very soon return to his homeland and will work on its behalf. And those who pursue it, we forget how heavy sleep. "

Involved in the case of the riots Sergei Wozniak, as well as several others, changed the charge. He faces criminal article about the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them. As for the escape Radina Sergei Wozniak said that no one is going to blame:

Sergei Wozniak

"The more that people went to the KGB detention center. I also visited, and I know what it is, and therefore do not intend to condemn anybody. I just say that I would not have done so. And I repeat my words that spoke of escape Mikhalevich that such actions may make the situation worse those people, which today are still in jail, under investigation and so on. I think that such actions may make the situation worse for other people. I did not do that. "

Darya Korsak, wife, who was sentenced to four years in a criminal case on the riots journalist Alexander Otroshchenkov, knows Natalia Radin:

Darya Korsak

"I am very worried for her yesterday and was very happily today when I learned that she was fine, she was gone. Now she can do a lot to Belarus for the struggle against dictatorship and for the release of all our home from prison. Jana will defend their interests first and foremost. I am glad that she could leave and thus demonstrate the KGB, that they can not keep everything under their close supervision, it's very nice. "

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