How to calculate employee bonuses

In December 2011, the forces of the IT company Malachite launched calculation module piecework bonuses of employees in the Sales Department of the Group CTRP. As a result of this project to introduce a mechanism of flexible and transparent incentives for employees of commercial service, completely eliminating manual work and errors in the calculation of premiums.


Western experts in the field of personnel management has long estimated that motivated professionals can increase their efficiency by 40%. Among the tools of financial motivation monthly premium is popular in most sectors of the Russian economy. The distinctive feature of these awards, as is normally their unexpected nature in terms of the final amount. It is believed that the use of this kind of remuneration intended not only to increase the loyalty of employees, but also to motivate them to actively work for the next period. But in order for such a scheme awarding produced results, each employee must be clearly understood, for which he received the award and execution of the tasks which will allow him to rely on it in the future, that is, the mechanism of charge and all the components have to be very transparent. Otherwise, staff bonuses perceived as an element of lottery and does not involve increasing motivation, management estimates. And, of course, performance incentives should be aligned with business objectives, that is, we do not just want to sell more, and fulfill the targets for each product, a bonus for the deal should depend on the type of client. Such a system of awarding long used in commercial services of the Group of CHEP. For the process to calculate the premium is flexible and transparent for each employee either managers or non-key to key clients, Assistant Key Account Manager, Head of the branch or the chiefs of the Directorate for CHEP sales in November 2011 decided to automate the process of calculating premiums based on actual data system, completely eliminating manual labor in the formation of these documents.

The IT company Malachite for this project in the first phase of implementation have developed a customizable reference data that allows you to simulate the calculation of premium rates depending on the tariffs, commodity groups, groups of managers, client groups, etc. Ratios. Access to this directory is only responsible moderator of the customer.

The basis for the calculation of premiums is a transaction, the institution's program Malahit: CRM. Within a month, every employee of commercial service has access to information about the structure of its premium calculation. This information is strictly confidential and access to it is regulated by the appropriate access rights. Besides obtaining detailed information Malahit: CRM each manager located on the desktop widget that is in real time, he can see the total number. In addition, the screen displays the trend of commercial service on potential awards and top-5 best managers, which in turn strengthens the competitive effect.

At the end of the month following the end of the sheet is formed of the agreement, which, after approval Malahit: Workflow automatically transferred to Malahit: HR for the actual calculation of employee bonuses.

According to project leader Karpenko T. , The main difficulty in the implementation of this development was the setting up accurate accrual of mathematics — "Within a month, at any stage of the calculations we have no room for error, incorrect figures de-motivate staff and kill the faith in the integrity and transparency of the charging scheme."


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