How to cheat Russian tourists abroad?

Not all the travelers returning from abroad happy holiday. And they can understand. Taxi drivers wring exorbitant fares to attractions, waiters in restaurants discharged astronomical bills, and staff accommodations "just in case" takes the collateral value for the towels and then stealing them. The fact that our visitors make a fool abroad — not news. But the industry of deception is not in place, and year after year, "Grifters" invent something new.

This article describes the most common ways of cheating Russian tourists.

Method one

Most scams involve credit cards. In the major tourist centers of entire stores are created only in order to establish there a fake payment terminal. Tourist card to pay for goods is asked to enter your PIN. This device stores the code of the card and the data of the card local craftsmen have time to copy, carrying it through the payment terminal. After that fraudsters create a copy of your card and quietly removed from her money at an ATM.

Another way associated with the installation of the ATM a special camera designed to photograph the PIN code at a time when the customer dials it. It is very common for inexpensive resorts in Europe and the Middle East. On the eye to recognize the terminal can not be dangerous, so the most reliable to withdraw money at hotels or banks.

Experts advise to take on holiday with cash and do not pay off the card in small shops. And be sure to activate the service SMS-information, then you after each transaction on the map to get a mobile phone message about the operation. In which case you will be able to quickly block the card.

The second way

Inveterate liars pass for Egyptian and Turkish taxi drivers. In no case can not give money to the driver before he drove you to your destination. Be careful when the taxi driver asks you to exchange him small bills for large, explaining that he wanted to bring his wife back home a solid note. Having a large coin, a taxi driver fob you off small money for half the face value. And if you catch him by the hand, will be a long time to prove that you simply do not understand the local money.

Even more dangerous to take on some resorts trucks for hire. For example, motor or water bikes in Thailand are rented without insurance. And if you have taken a rental bike will find at least one scratch, then put up a huge bill. Therefore, before taking any vehicles on lease, inspect it for damage, and preferably with witnesses.

Traveling abroad by car, you will need to purchase insurance "Green Card" (overseas version of the CTP). The Russian insurance abroad does not work. However, the "green card" will not cover damage to your car if you are in an accident are guilty themselves. In that case, should buy hull insurance policy.

The third way

More often than not tourists "throw" the exchange. This sin, even European countries. Exchangers do not make money on the difference in rates, and the services provided. Outwardly, it looks as usual: Book window, displays the courses. In fact, for the very exchange services charge a commission, and they can make and evro20 and evro70! That is money exchanged at a rate in excess of this will keep a tidy sum. In order not to be deceived, always, before giving money, ask how much will get in return.

Other tricks me connected with the visual deception: the plates with the course numbers are reversed. For example, a course in most exchange offices in Krakow, Poland is 3.83 zloty per evro1, but some of them rate 3.38 per evro1. People remember that seen on other tablets such as numbers, their order is not stored. Basically, this way of earning practice exchangers located in the popular tourist routes.

In Europe, also avoid using machines for the exchange of money. They look like normal ATM. But instead of insert cards there, you put the money and the unit is exchanged currency. On the one hand, it is very convenient. But such devices are usually laid highly inflated currency exchange rates, and sometimes even charged for exchange.

Exchangers Bali tourists began to inflate with calculators that are properly considered. Hence the rule is: be careful and use your calculator (it is in almost any mobile phone).

Method fourth

At the head of our Voyager fell a new attack — in a business of the resort areas of scammers posing as famous healers.

For example, a tourist vacationing in Croatia, said that on the first day the maid looked into her bathroom and saw exposed on the shelf bottles, clicked her tongue disapprovingly: "Is it possible to use shampoos? You oglohnete! From shampoo increasing the allocation of ear wax, which eventually clogs the ear canal and cures. " A tourist was taken to a local healer, Milorad, which cleans ears and removes them with stones. Recovery session at the national otolaryngologist cost evro40. During the reception of the patient's ear Russian healer drew Shmat viscous sulfur and tiny stone.

In the plane on the way to Moscow, it was revealed that a healer on a tip the maid visited almost all the women of the group of tourists. And each was placed a disappointing diagnosis: no ears, and a quarry. Upon hearing this, the flight attendants told me that this healer actually muscovite, his name is Yuri. Easy way to clean the ears, between toes the swindler hidden tar and pebbles. And last year in Dubrovnik, he sold the Moscow sparrows, pre-painted and given out as a rare species of Balkan hummingbirds.

Such hoaxes are spread all over the world: fraudsters peddling teeth of prehistoric monsters and other "relics" auction scale. And as deceivers, "healers" a dime a dozen: here you and the granddaughter of Vanga, and other relatives of celebrities.

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