How to get into the Guinness Book of Records!?

Submit an application to the Guinness Book of Records us, as always spurred case!

One day, while sitting in the office and looking at the first samples of printed circuit boards for our device-RA, we reasoned, how small and compact it turns priborchik. One of the girls of our company even suggested that such haytek will soon be in fashion. And it can even be hung as an earring on his ear and measure radiation around you!?


Scratching his head, one of the men said casually: "Maybe we will provide in the Guinness Book of Records. And that … "?! From the beginning, the idea about the record was not taken seriously ranting team. Only a specialist in working with the media, Julia Davydova, quickly took this idea to the pencil. At the end of the discussion of all issues, it stated that, since the front of the 1st of April, we have a chance to light up in honor "fool" and make a deal!


On the morning of the next day our secretary, Elena Shishkin already scribbled letter in plain English to the headquarters of "Guinness World Records". More precisely, it filled an application in English, as the headquarters in London and the Russian was not distinguished. Under the terms of Books shall be filed with the beginning of the center, and then sent to the regional offices. In our case, to Moscow.


Conditions of registration simple. You fill details of their company to provide your site with the subject of an application to the uniqueness and forth. After 3 days, maximum a week we promised to report that, and how. The whole procedure of registration of the application is free, so that in a way. The only condition of participation in the Guinness record is the principle of competition. That is, you need the real competitors in this class record. It is good that they are in Japan and in the USA!


Of course, the record can not be born. Either the request is not accepted, or a competitor not ready or do not turn up in this class of devices. But still an interesting thing. Since then raspiarena your record and the product all over the world, and even a diploma will be issued with the official seal. In general, worthwhile!


It took 10 days from the date of filing in the book … and silence. In this regard, we are left with one option, to declare this event to the day of the "Fools" on April 1. But what had the courage and asked the Guinness recognition!? Maybe it will take it as a joke seriously!?

After all, in every joke there is only a fraction of a joke, as they say. Read more on      

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