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  • Pelegri Francois (Francois Pelegren)
  • Pelegri Francois (Francois Pelegren)

At the end of December 2011 in Moscow at the invitation of Rockwool Russia Group came to the French architect and urbanist Pelegri Francois (Francois Pelegren), to talk about modern energy efficient house building.

In Russia Pelegri virtually unknown. At home, he won numerous architectural competitions and a variety of governmental expert organizations in the field of energy efficiency in construction. Several years ago, the architect even wrote a manual on the proper use of dense development for mayors of French cities. Against the background of all kinds of "green" architect Francois Pelegri stands out. At least that does not speak in English. In his small architectural office of ten people he deals with energy efficient homes with distant 1979, when these technologies were not yet fashionable trend. So he does have a story to tell.

His lecture at the Moscow Art Clumba cafe Francois Pelegri started with a small statistical calculations: for heating takes about 45% of the energy consumed by home ownership. In addition, it is the heating system emits about 28% of carbon dioxide produced by the building, with all the attendant consequences for the climate. In general, the economy of heat — question no less ecological than economic.

— In principle, energy-efficient homes can use any material, even concrete — Frenchman explained Muscovites. — The main thing — a thick enough layer of insulation.

So, nothing stops you from doing warm and economical old concrete house. This Francois Pelegri also involved. Now his office is working on just warming hundred-meter residential tower built in the middle of the last century.

One of the objects of pride architect — a seven-story building, which managed to insulate completely free, due to the add-floor attic. Square meters attic were sold profitably, and will fully recoup the job. However, there Muscovites surprise failed. After all, in the capital for several projects on warming and superstructure of "Khrushchev". Attics were even two typical nine-block Kosmodamianskaya on the waterfront. Experiment on the superstructure of the old and uncomfortable housing was abandoned due to widespread discontent citizens. But now, in the depths of the Moscow building idea worked out again and probably soon to be revived.

Reconstruction of the five-story suggests itself, as with all the wear and tear of partitions and systems engineering, scaffolds "Khrushchev" may stand for decades. It seems to be skewed, not calculated, but Francois Pelegri convinced that this may be the house of the future — with different expiration dates of different parts.

— The frame of the building can be designed for 100 years, and elevations — 20. Then they can be replaced by a more modern, — explained his idea of a guest. — Partitions may serve 10 years and utilities — only five.

This approach offers the architect a much wider scope for creativity. Above the respective project offices Pelegri now works.

Another original idea of them already implemented in the project IMPACTE. This seven-story building housing combined (entrance from the street) and offices (entrance from the yard). And this is not done in order to be close to people to go to work, and for reasons of efficiency.

It is known that when a lot of office workers include computers at the same time, the temperature in the room rises quickly. We have to take too much heat, wasting energy is wasted. Not to mention the extremely costly air conditioners. But where to put this heat? Heating — in the office, and so too hot. Water heating — no one takes a shower at work. However, if a nearby apartment complex, the task is an elegant solution. Using heat pumps produced by office workers too much heat is spent on utility needs. And it is so arranged house IMPACTE. By the way, just like your own home is equipped with Francois Pelegri.

— I upstairs apartment, and on the first floor of the architectural firm, — admitted after the lecture architect. — Excessive heat from the office, I use to heat the water. My workers joke that I HEATED his house them later.

On our site we have already talked about the first national energy efficient homes — GREEN BALANCE and NATURAL BALANCE.

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