How to make the rifle ORSIS (photos)

Moscow arms factory GC "Promtekhnologiya" / Brand ORSIS

Photos: Ivan Guscin

Construction of the plant began in 2010, after the master of sports of shooting and future director of the company Alexey Sorokin shared the idea of creating the production of high-precision rifles with co-owner of the "N-Trance" Konstantin Nikolaev. Then the project got a second investor, holding Ru-com Michael Abyzova. Production rifles under the brand Orsis (Latin name is consonant Ursus — «Bear") was launched in March 2011. Now the plant produces five types of hunting and sporting rifles, and also produces under license from the Austrian Glock pistols and shotguns Italian Marocchi. The most popular model is the tactical ORSIS T-5000 — with her Russian secret service win in international shooting competitions. The company produces about 1,200 units a year, 60% of them are in a hunting weapon, the rest — sporting rifles.


The rifle is composed of three main parts: the barrel, bolt group and lodge with the butt. The manufacturing process begins with the weapon barrel. Blanks for them come to the company from the U.S.. They are made of special stainless steel arms. Machined in the workpiece hole is drilled first, the width of which depends on the caliber rifle future. Then the trunk is shaped. Then make cuts inside — 4-6 spiral bands that help to stabilize the trajectory of the bullet. They cut special metal hook shape which is also manufactured in the factory. The tool includes a stationary workpiece and the tool leaves a mark on the depth of one micron. To facilitate cutting into the trunk of pouring oil. Stem cutting process takes 3-5 hours. For one, slicing the tool should enter into 60-80 times. After that, the trunk manually polished lead-tin lap.

Laboratory specialists probe the barrel bore scopes for defects — scratches, cracks or sinks. The trunk is checked several times after drilling holes, cutting and polishing.

Larger parts of the bolt are manufactured in eight milling plants. Each of them performs a single operation.

To manufacture small parts for the bolt (hammers, fuses, triggers), the plant is used electro technology. Metal blank from the machine gradually cuts them using electrical discharges. The process takes place in water, which acts as the dielectric medium, and takes 3-4 hours.

For each model, making his box. This construction provides rigidity. For tactical rifles used boxes made of aluminum, for sports —
from special weapons laminate. Besides, the plant makes to order boxes of precious wood, such as walnut. One of the details of the workpiece can cost tens of thousands of rubles. First, the future is treated with a box on a milling machine, and then the master hand sanded it, applied laser branded notches and repeatedly impregnated with oil. During one shift foreman produces 2-3 lodge.

After the items tested, they are sorted into boxes and sent to the assembly site. Each box is attached paper, which shows the data of the customer, the type of weapon and caliber. Specialist brings together details of the bolt, attaches them to the trunk. Then the process of Glass beddinga. On the box for the rifle special mastic is applied, it put metal parts and leave at night to dry completely. Then again, the details are taken out and given to the painting, and the bed is their accurate impression, which allows the metal to fit under the tree. This provides a more accurate weapons.

After painting the items again joined together. Experts control department inspect the finished product and draw the conclusion that the rifle is ready to fire. Each day, the plant produced 6.5 rifles.

Precision weapons tests at the test site at the plant conducted by masters of international class shooting. A small hole in the paper target — a trace of bullets hitting 16.

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