How to prevent the Americans to stop us.

There are those who are simply born to create other disturbances. And this is not your neighbor who is drilling the wall on Saturday morning. And not even a colleague who always steals your stapler. Moreover, it is not even human.

While futurists figure out what would be the third world — nuclear, digital or psychotropic — the reality naturally moves forward. And making progress, against which even the wildest fantasies seem commonplace. Nice to know at the same time that our country has successfully takes part in this process.


Electronic Warfare (EW she is), according to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, a set of activities aimed at obtaining … well, that's the sort of thing you can use to find out information about yourself and others to disturb others learn something about yourself.

That is, if the fingers and brief.

EW were first used in 1904, when the Russian war with the Japanese. During the bombardment of Port Arthur by the Japanese, the Russian battleship station "Victory" and shore post "Gold Mountain" made it difficult to send telegrams enemy ships-spotters by creating intentional interference.

Since then more than a hundred years, and progress does not stand. Over time, the defeat of the electromagnetic system took into circulation United States.

During the NATO operation in Libya in the sky over the doomed Libyan troops hovered Boeing EA-18, completely overwhelming the enemy of electronic communication.

NATO fighter F-35 is also equipped with electromagnetic systems failure. Specific information about the work "in the field" was not found, but the F-35 was lit in a pile of movies and video games — from shooters Crysis and Battlefield 2 to blockbusters "Die Hard 4" and "The Avengers."

What about ours? And ours too, do not click the beak. Now Russian EW systems are created that will, if necessary, neutralize U.S. space battle station. This was told RIA "Novosti" chief designer of systems and electronic warfare and deputy director general concern KRET (part of the corporation Rostekhnadzor) Jury Majewski.

As soon as the state tests completed complex electronic warfare aircraft "Vitebsk". The main element of the complex will be the digital jammer, which is much faster than peers. In the first place "Vitebsk" will apply to the Su-25.

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