Hulak: The human rights situation in Belarus is stable but severe

In the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress held hearings on the situation of human rights in Belarus. The hearing noted that the main aim of the sanctions against the Lukashenko regime is the release of political prisoners. How to react in Minsk at a hearing in the U.S. Congress?

The head of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Igor Karpenko said he did not see anything new in the participants' hearing in the U.S. Congress, "as zaezhzhanaya drive, all one and that." Regarding the requirement to release political prisoners, Mr. Karpenko said:

Igor Karpenko

"The list of international human rights is the right to have an objective trial. Why are they up for courts to consider these issues on the events of December 19 has already given installation. Pressure on the court, the inclusion in the list of judges neyavznyh — why are they all doing, why they influence Today on the judicial system of Belarus, why it currently allow the U.S. and the EU? Go trials have not yet dismantled all the cases, no convictions, not the guilt of certain individuals. And they already give an estimate, has made statements that are political victims that they are being tortured and so on. They have no logic in the behavior in this matter. "

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak sees no improvement in the human rights in Belarus and calls her a "serious but stable". He believes that some mitigation of the charges involved in the case of the riots is not evidence of a trend. Gulak said that human rights have a claim to the judicial system in Belarus and calls initiated the case on political riots:


"Therefore, in this situation, to demand from the state, the judiciary, the specific officials that affect the safeguarding of human rights, including the judges, on which the sentencing, in a sense, unfortunately, not completely, to demand the right to act within and international agreements, it is necessary. "

Gulak considers it necessary and useful to attract international attention to the human rights situation in Belarus.

"Human rights in each country are the foundation of international security. This is based on the OSCE, in which our country is involved and working. Our authorities need to watch what they do and why they do not focus on human rights. The fact that we see a relatively defenders, journalists, and relative freedom of assembly and association, the same pressure on lawyers — it's still going on. "

The former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich notes that Americans take the right position.

Stanislav Shushkevich

"The U.S. and Europe are in the same position. This is very important. Authority hopes that Russia will allow it to make a wild way to the end. I think Putin is like and he does. If everything had gone "on-Medvedev," it would be nice, but it is "a la Putin."

It was hearing — it's very good. Congress usually the sickest of the world sees. If Belarus hit, then there are questions. This is serious business, they make a conclusion on which draws attention whole world . "

On political scientist Alexander Klaskouski, naive to think that the Congressional hearings themselves may revolutionize the situation in Belarus. But Washington continues to keep the banner of democracy and human rights.

Alexander Klaskouski

"But is not that simple. Against Gaddafi not only sanctions, and the planes are used, and it buried itself in the ground, and sits in the bunker, suffers. Well, the Belarusian dictatorship, while the brutality after December 19 zashkalilo, still does not compare with bloody regimes like Gaddafi. If that embodied the ideal configuration, they say, to Washington, Brussels and Moscow have some tough coordinated policy led, the regime would not last long. But this very idealistic scheme. Even Europe saskovae and does not want for really use the entire arsenal of sanctions. A Moscow presses, but on the other hand, and just the right person in last place. It is on this and plays the Belarusian regime vyslizgvayuchy of these geopolitical ticks. "

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