IMPROVED «Super Hornet» made its first flight until late summer

Until the end of summer, the company «Boeing» plans to perform the first flight demonstrator aircraft Advanced Super Hornet. Aircraft Demonstrator will develop a dorsal conformal fuel tanks and half container for indoor use weapons. The test is aimed, at first, to evaluate their (CFT and container) impact on the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft, as these innovations during the first flight will not yet be multifunctional.
Programm Advanced Super Hornet also implies a significant improvement cabin, during which the existing dashboard will be replaced by display-size candy bar 48h28 cm touch control, it can be manipulated as a pilot on the iPad. The program also includes the introduction of infrared surveillance and targeting system, modernization of weapons systems and engines for the new standard F414-GE-400. Engines will have two modes of operation: «peacetime», in which the fuel consumption is substantially reduced, and the mode of «wartime», in which power is increased by 20 percent, providing the best acceleration. Superior «Super Hornet» will be able to go from 0.8 to 2M speed for 50 seconds instead of 70 previously.
Initially, the program Advanced Super Hornet was designed, first, to increase the chances of the aircraft in the export markets, especially in India. Yet, the company «Boeing», apparently focused on the sale of additional aircraft of the U.S. Navy. The company’s strategy is to use a delay in the development of F-35C and offer an improved «Super Hornet» as a cheap candidacy. Besides, all the update applets Advanced Super Hornet will be available for the modernization of the fleet «Super Hornet.»
Today, the company «Boeing» has made about 80 «Super Hornet» for the U.S. Navy and 60 «growler» for the U.S. Navy and Australia, which has recently ordered 12 aircraft. Without any additional software production line can not last longer in 2016. Production rate of 4 cars per month drops in any case, up to 3 planes per month.

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