In Antarctica, forming a giant iceberg

In Antarctica, forming a giant icebergBy the end of the year in the western part of Antarctica may appear huge iceberg that is comparable in size to Berlin.

A crack appeared in the pack ice from Pine Island Glacier on the West Antarctic ice shield, and continues to expand, according to the researchers, should lead to the formation of the iceberg.

Now its length is about 30 km and a depth of 60 meters.

Researchers at the U.S. space agency NASA believe that the area will be breakaway iceberg of 880 square kilometers.

A giant block of ice can fall into the ocean at the end of this year or early 2012.

Pine Island — one of the largest and most mobile Antarctic glaciers that descend to the ocean.

Scientists estimate that there is formed about 10% of the iceberg of the West Antarctic ice sheet.

In recent years, the data obtained from satellites and aircraft, indicated that the glacier is reduced.

However, scientists working at NASA Icebridge, argue that the formation of a giant iceberg — part of a natural cycle that is fixed on the glacier at a frequency of about once every ten years.

"The last time a large amount of ice broke away in 2001, so that, in general, it was expected that something like this will happen soon — said Dr. Michael Stadinger involved in the project Icebridge. — Watch the scene is very exciting."

Icebridge shall measure the thickness of ice in the polar regions of the Earth.

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