In Bashkiria find airport aliens?

Ufa archaeologists and historians have found in Bashkiria ancient mystical center — a full copy of the famous British Stonehenge. Next week in the area leaves Uchalinsky archaeological expedition VEGU of students and staff of the National Museum.

— At this place 40 years ago discovered an ancient settlement — tells me Vitaly Fedorov, one of the initiators of the excavation. — It's called the New Bayramgulovskoe. Once all thought it was just a prehistoric people in this country of a thousand. And then, we've got pictures from the plane. They show much more detail than from the ground.

With photos asked to look geologist Valeria citizen. He deciphered the long shots, and found on the site of the New Bayramgulovskoy parking two large stone circle with a diameter of about 100 meters Just like at Stonehenge!

Vitaly Fedorov is known as a serious scholar and a teacher in VEGU. He's never been fond of finding little green men, UFO wreckage and similar anomalschinoy. Therefore, all the scientists of the capital perceived find with enthusiasm.

— My colleagues know a similar range, but they are five times less than ours, — he says. According to preliminary data, he is at least 5,000 years. But we are more elaborate.

Earlier this place home to an unknown tribe, which has erected a huge building and — most of all, for religious ceremonies. That is, it was a prehistoric temple in which conjured shamans. Scientists have found that before there were wooden walls, but they have not survived.

Erect a giant stone structure only by the developed nations, and the tribe that lived here, it was uncivilized, did not even agriculture. Why should they have to spend so much effort to "church" — is unclear. But the most amazing thing is that once here, as in England, there were giant boulders, dolmens!

— They told us about the local people — continues the story Vitaly Kimovich. Only here in the 80's stones were removed by tractors. We tried to find lumps, but to no avail. Near full of boulders, and which of them were here, it is difficult to determine. Will be even more difficult to dig because 1000 years later here came the other tribes and built on the site of "temple" dump.

— And locals there are illegal excavations — complains Vitaly Kimovich. Entire classes of schoolchildren come and dig …

According to head of the excavation — Researcher of the National Museum of Ioannina Fedorova — enough work here for decades. And this month, archaeologists only carry out an initial investigation.


What is Stonehenge

Stonehenge — an ancient building in the south of England, is a system of stone circles with a diameter of more than 100 m the most amazing part of Stonehenge — dolmens, five twin blocks of stone, covered with top heavy plates. 50-ton units are installed in the center of the structure. Like finding in Bashkiria, Stonehenge dates from 3000 BC. In addition, and Stonehenge, and construction in the area Uchalinsky are on the same latitude?


Why old is built?

Century, scientists are trying to figure out why people built these huge structures. Here are a few versions — from the classic to the most improbable.

1. Religious building (temple). It is believed that Stonehenge has a powerful energy. Each year, the monument attracts thousands of people who want "to recharge."

2. Prehistoric observatory. Stones placed in a circle to form a rectangle and serve as a guide for tracking marks 19 years of one-year cycle of the moon.

3. Message to descendants, who can not decipher.

4. Calculator. Stonehenge is strikingly similar to the so-called "difference grid" with which mathematicians solve complex differential equations on computers. Ucheny proved that the stones found by the laws of physics that simulate the mathematical equations and the laws of physics.

5. Alien landing site — supposedly there was "airport", which landed guests Earth.

These versions include Stonehenge. Perhaps they will be considered in the study and Bashkir counterpart.

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