In Buryatia, there was an ecological disaster

April 27, all living creatures, lives in the Lake District of the Republic Hatagor Mukhorshibirskiy, suffocated under the ice. According to witnesses, it was because the water from the artificial lake was lowered before the ice melted.

— The other day we went fishing at Hatagor could not without tears, look at what happened — said in his letter, "Inform Policy" Galina, a resident of the district Mukhorshibirskiy Buryatia. — The lake flushed when the ice has not melted, and all fish weighed down the ice, simply gasped. The thousands of carp, the whole of last year spawning.

Galina says vandalism incident and accused the local authorities that they do not care about crying scene at the lake. She remembers as a child from traveling to the rest Hatagor with parents, and is confident that this case unique.

It turned out that the authorities, including local, were not aware of the incident. For information about what to Hatagore tragedy, they learned from a reporter, "Inform Policy", who tried to find out the details of the case and to receive comments.

— At present, the situation is shared with all relevant authorities, a Commission, we will go to the place, to hold a survey to find out the cause and assess the damage, — the "Inform Policy" Sergei Podprugin, head of the state institution "Nature and Environment Among the Buryat "(Burpriroda).

According to him, on the site of the tragedy will leave as representatives of the Baikal Environmental Prosecutor's Office and the Angara-Baikal territorial management Rosrybolovstva. Said Sergey Podprugin and preliminary cause of the mass death of fish.

— The fact that local irrigators began their work without the proper arrangement of the corresponding authorizations, — Sergey Podprugin. — They have a project for work, but these projects have not been environmental review.

Sergei Podprugin explained that assess the damage is not currently possible. In the near future the lost fish will be destroyed, according to your requirements recycling.

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