In cemeteries Russia appeared cannibals


Hungry predators — namely, bears, feed on corpses in cemeteries Russia. In search of food, hungry animals wandered into the cemetery and ate the body of the deceased.

In Kamchatka, in one of the cemeteries Elizovo, three hungry bear dug up the grave, broke and ate the dead man's coffin. Wild beasts seen drivers who drove on Monday morning near Elizovsky cemetery.

One of the drivers said that he saw the three bears that gnawing human body. Predators dug grave near the road, smashed the coffin and eaten corpse.

Later, the two bears who were at the cemetery, were killed by Agency inspectors forestry and wildlife protection. While the third was unable to track down.

Local police warn citizens that began the period when the bears wake up from hibernation and hungry, looking for food, go to the villages and towns, which is very dangerous for the residents.

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