In Chechnya, will be the first environmental laboratory

In 2012, the Chechen Republic will first environmental laboratory which was accredited for conducting environmental analysis, the press service of the republic's leadership.

The new two-storey building modern high-tech lab purchased laboratory equipment. Currently under staffing.

As the chairman of the Committee on Environment of the Government of the Republic Ahmad Dzhayrhanov, with the opening of the Chechen environmental laboratory will be able to conduct on-site analysis of water, air and soil, without having to send samples to other regions of Russia.

"The struggle for a normal environment, which, no big words, vital man is increasingly penetrating all spheres of human activity. But for environmental monitoring is necessary to use more sophisticated methods and equipment. In this sense is very important ecological laboratory. Now we can not only monitor the environment, but investigating and resolving potential environmental problems ", — said A. Dzhayrhanov.

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