In Crimea, a storm washed away the family

38-year-old woman died.
In the village of holiday-Razdolnoye Donetsk region — 38-year-old woman with her sister's husband and teenage son — in spite of a storm warning and signs on the beach, "No swimming", climbed into the sea. Soon they were picked up and carried over.

"We still have time to save the boy, he pulled out first. Women, unfortunately, died, but the man was gone. Half an hour looking for it, along with a group Rozdolnenskogo timber enterprises and guards, and found on the island of ravines north of Bakal Spit it drifted over there, and he sat on a small island, shivering from the cold, "- said" Today, "the press- Service Crimean cupola MOE Anna Levitsky. Men and boys were taken ashore and were hospitalized with a diagnosis of "hypothermia."

In the previous days MChSovtsy rescued from drowning 72-year-old and a resident yaltinku Donetsk.

Valentin Vorobyov

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