In Degtyarskoye recover from ecological disaster

Eliminate the effects of an environmental disaster in Degtyarskoye, because of which the earth's surface gushed acid water from abandoned mines.

Recall, 10 days ago, local communal digging a trench near the flooded dips in copper mines, to change the pipe. But the water with a high content of acid spilled, podtopiv several neighboring gardens and houses, coloring the ground in orange. Moreover, the water rushed in Volchihinskoe reservoir.

Public utilities have tried to neutralize the water running in her liquor. Work took a week. Now, say the city authorities, and health officers, there is no threat to the environment.

"The samples were taken in Volchihinskom reservoir. According to our laboratory, the results of laboratory monitoring Regulatory Compliance and do not exceed those that are characteristic of this period of the year associated with the flood. There is a small excess, but it is not associated with this accident," — said Head of Supervision of environmental sanitation Rospotrebnadzor in Sverdlovsk region Elena Kiyamova.

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