In Egypt, 13 people were killed in a sand storm

Sandstorm. Photo:

At least 13 people were killed in weather, raging in Egypt on Sunday, the Internet portal "Masravi."

A powerful sandstorm, accompanied by strong cooling, led to numerous accidents on Egyptian roads in the different provinces of the country, which killed ten and injured 54 people.

In addition, as a result of rains that hit the north of Egypt, and the flooding of the soil, in Alexandria, in the middle of the day collapsed building small private weaving factory. Dead at this point, the number one man, nine victims recovered from the rubble. Under the rubble of the building are still about 30 workers. Search and rescue operation continues.

Since last Friday in Egypt and neighboring countries in the region has deteriorated weather. Squally wind brought clouds of sand, reducing visibility to a minimum. The elements coincided with a sudden strong cold snap — the temperature in the region has fallen by an average of 10.8 degrees. The strongest dust storm caused outages airports and ports in Egypt, due to poor visibility were closed some highway speed.


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