In Illinois, the Asian carp have put the ecosystem of the rivers on the brink of disaster

"Fish" natural disaster in Illinois. In the U.S. state of river invaded the Asian carp. They destroy native fish species and even attack people jumping out of the water up to three meters. At the extreme fishing visited our own correspondent in the U.S. — Maxim Drabok.

So the sight of local people is not surprising. Real "fishy" downpour. This herd of Asian carp perceives as a threat and a boat to escape, jumping out of the water. Now they are so many that need rescuing other river dwellers.

Blake Rubashov, fish ecology:

— Here it is. Of the Mississippi basin. This carp grow even more. "Asian" is a greater threat to other fish species. He's like a virus that enters into an unprotected computer.

Asian carp came to the United States forty years ago. It brought the farmers to destroy algae in fish ponds. He quickly deal with it now and destroy eggs of other fish and plankton, depriving other underwater inhabitants — feed. Asian carp are very voracious and aggressive. In these waters, not only fish — the victim, but also fishermen.

Maxim Drabok correspondent:


— They break ribs and break noses. So attacking Asian carp. Some individuals reach a meter in length and weigh more than forty pounds.

And it is an attack on the crew. We were escorted by a fisherman only manages to jettison flown carp. They are very bony, and Americans do not like to mess with them. The local authorities are going to send the Asian "invaders" back — to their homeland. In China.

Greg Sass, director of the biological station:

— Larger fishing companies will catch them with their nets, carve and fresh frozen to be eaten as a post — to China.

Lot of work. This carp is very prolific. The female lays two million eggs. Even if he survived 5 percent — that's a hundred thousand new hungry mouths.

Levi Solomon, a researcher from the University of Illinois Natural History:

— We consider them, weigh, determine what we caught the fish. So trying to analyze how many species of fish, and how much is left in these waters.

Asian carp have penetrated everywhere, making our way to the lake at the border of the United States and Canada. If he gets there will be an environmental disaster — carp supplant other inhabitants. Local authorities set spetszagrazhdeniya through which current is passed and while holding back the invasion. But not for long, says Robert Hershfeld. He inspects every week the local waters.

Robert Hershfeld, NGO activists to protect rivers

— Besides Asian carp, 40 more aggressive species of fish trying to break out of Mississippi in the big lake. Electronic barrier is not effective against all. A regular physical barriers.

Congress has refused to allocate the money. So local authorities have attracted fishermen from other states. After all, here and especially do not need to catch — the Asian carp flies itself into the boat.

Maxim Drabok. Sergei Eremenko. "Details". U.S. Bureau of the TV channel "Inter". Illinois.

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