In Kemerovo region meteorologists recorded a record high temperature of the air

Anomalous heat broke a 20-year recordAnomalous heat broke a 20-year record.
Last weekend in the Kemerovo region forecasters recorded a record high temperature of the air.
Told NGS.NOVOSTI spokesman of the West Siberian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Renaud Yagudin, in the second half of last week, the temperature in the regions of Western Siberia rose by 5-10 degrees above normal, and on weekends in several regions were beaten temperature records.
Thus, in the Taiga Saturday air warmed up to 18.9 degrees, the warmest before Oct. 15 was in 1992 — when the temperature rose to 17.7. In Barzase on Saturday was 19.8, the previous record was also registered in 1992: 19.3. The Central Mine October 15 was 20.5 degrees, the previous record — 18.6 — was in 1990.
After a record warm weekend in Western Siberia colder with a chance of snow. However, the weather forecast, the heat will be back later in the week, although temperatures have already and will not be as high as in times past.

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