In Khakassia due to early migration of animals can not count the deer

Seasonal migration of the Siberian roe deer on the reserve "Khakassia" this year started earlier because of the snowy winters that complicated accounting animals, reported Friday the press service of the reserve on the results of research conducted in the area of "Small Abakan."

"This spring, the migration of the Siberian roe deer started early — on April 13, at the time, like last year, the first animal tracks were recorded on May 5. Such earlier date due to migration winter and warm spring," — said in a statement.

According to experts, the lack of snow influenced the choice of the transition path, used roe and complicated accounting animals.

"As the pictures from the camera traps, this year the deer did not follow the same general path, and" scattered. "Therefore, only managed to record 189 individuals. Besides, that last year there were — 526," — says the press office.

Seasonal counts of animals held in reserve to assess the state of the population, the impact on its natural and anthropogenic factors. These surveys are also the basis for the correction of environmental measures.

Since 2008, for the study and protection of lives in the reserve "Khakassia" Siberian roe deer using digital camera traps. According to a research assistant Paul Kulemeeva Reserve, deer migration data obtained in this spring, will be used later to adjust the tracking scheme for animals.

"We need to identify the areas for effective monitoring: in particular, how and where they should be located, which between them should be at a distance. Currently, this material is still going," — said Kulimeev.

According to the press service, the next expedition to study the migratory population of the Siberian roe deer is planned in the reserve "Khakassia" in the fall of this year.

State Nature Reserve "Khakassia" located in southern Siberia on the north slope of the Western Sayan and mountain steppes Minusinsk depression in Tashtypskogo, Ust-Abakan, Bograd, Shira and Ordzhonikidze district of Khakassia. The reserve area — 267.5 thousand hectares.

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