In Kirov on birch trees blossomed earrings

In Kirov on birch trees blossomed earringsNature continues to surprise kirovchan. The last time we wrote about the fact that the street Volodarsky cherry blossom, now a new surprise — residents saw on fresh green birch catkins.

— I went to work on the street Mopra and far from home 103 pointed birch, — says Ivan Pantyukhin. — She looked somehow spring, came and looked, and saw a green earrings that come in on a birch in the spring! Nature is just crazy!

Such casesoccur in our city more often, but the experts say this spring greetings from very glad it is not necessary.

Expert opinion.

— Cases of double flowering plants have not been studied in sufficient detail. Some like to observe that at the time of unstable spring weather lays late buds that do not have time to dissolve in time. Now they are trying to make up for this omission — told agronomist Nina Petrova. — Maybe after the summer drought period with the arrival of the rainy and cold weather, the trees and shrubs lost their biological clock. If you have a garden of fruit trees in bloom, do not rejoice in the beauty of this late, because it blooms in early fall weakens the plant, since it does not give the tree fully prepare for winter.

Anastasia Anzorova

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